High-tech Zone Multiple Work is awarded the provincial government inspection and motivation

Recently, the General Office of Guizhou Provincial Government issued a notification of inspecting incentives on the implementation of high quality development in 2020 to promote high quality development.

The notification shows that high-tech districts have shown highlights in the high-quality development of the top ten industrial industries, "Thousand Enterprise Reconstruction", Double Creation Construction, etc. This is the reporter learned from the High-tech Zone on July 22. The notification is to implement three major attacks, building a modern industrial system, stabilizing investment, promoting consumption, opening up, safeguarding and improving people’s livelihood, government self-construction, etc. And take 29 incentive support measures.

Among them, in the fourth item, the high-quality development of the top ten industrial industries and the "Thousand Enterprise Reconstruction ‘results" and promoted the "100 enterprises to lead’ 10,000 enterprises" to promote the extension of foreign trade , Increased growth rate, trade facilitation, etc., the development of export-oriented economic development promoted the scale of export-oriented enterprises, the establishment of the overall industrial chain, "," in promoting the ‘Double Creative’ policy Support ‘Double Create’ Support Platform, build ‘Double Creative’ Development Ecology, Create a Place of Bold Exploration, Beglying Edition, etc., "Double Creation ‘Upgrade Edition, etc.", the sixteenth "quality work results , High-tech areas have obtained provincial government inspection and incentives.

According to the report, high-tech Zone related projects will receive a certain policy and financial support given by relevant departments of Guizhou Provincial Government; and enterprises with China Quality Awards and Governor Quality Awards will receive key cultivation and help guidance.

(Internship reporter Zhang Wingxiang Guiyang Daily Rong Media Reporter Li Wenwen) (Editor: Pan Jiaqian (internship), Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.