Guangzhou Metro Realization AED Wire Network

  The staff conducts the use of AED (Automatic Syndrome) equipment in training the public.

The reporter Character Super Army November 15th, by the Guangdong Charity Federation, Guangdong Province Blue State Welfare Cultural Public Welfare Foundation, Guangdong Red Cross, Guangzhou Red Cross, Guangzhou Blue State Public Welfare Development Center to Guangzhou Metro Donation 194 The AED (Automatic Outer Detector) device is officially put into use at 14 o’clock on the same day.

Plus the 119 AED devices that have been assembled, Guangzhou Metro has implemented AED equipment to fully cover the site of the subway line network.

This move will further enhance the power emergency response capacity of Guangzhou orbit. Entering the Guangzhou Metro Line 4, the AED device is installed in front of the station control room. "The specific location will be determined according to the actual situation of the station, in principle, in principle, it is easy to use, which is easy to use, and it is easy to manage." Guangzhou Metro Operations Headquarters Xinzuo Xiaomin said. At the four lines of Shiji Station, Xu Guijuan, the head of the Guangdong Provincial Blue State Welfare Cultural Public Welfare Foundation AED, showed the use of AED. She emphasized: "After the previlibrillation is completed, if the patient has not resumed breathing and heartbeat, the cardiopulmonary resuscitation should continue. Cartrous resuscitation plus AED repeatable operation until the medical staff arrived." For the convenience of passengers understand the configuration of the AED The Guangzhou Metro has updated the service facility information and corresponding position of the AED station on the official app, and the relevant notices are released on the station area and subway TV. Guangzhou Metro will also gradually improve the AED triangulation signage setting work in the station, strengthen the station AED position guidelines. At the same time, the Subway Wire Station AED device setting will gradually incorporate mainstream navigation map software.

  (Reporter / Tan Chao correspondent / Zhuang Weizhong Liang Jun Feng Feng Guilin).