Green transformation will become a new day of Japan

  Look at the world · Carbon neutral: Opportunity and challenge the Japanese government recently announced the green growth strategy involving 14 key areas, which clarified the progress table for achieving carbon neutralization in 2050.

The Japanese government hopes to actively respond to climate change, driving the economic continued recovery with low carbon transformation.

  Launched a green growth strategy, Japan has a double consideration. From international perspective, it has become an international social consensus, and major countries are active. Due to its slow action, Japan is no longer leading advantage in wind power, photovoltaic power generation, electric vehicles.

From the perspective of domestic, the epidemic is raging, and the Japanese economy is in an unprecedented recession.

Demand downturn has become a major drag factor in economic weakness, and Japan requires new movement to pull economy to continue to recover.

  Japan Prime Minister Niyi said that in 2050, the goal of achieving carbon is not to restrict economic growth, but to create a benign circulation of economic and environment. Junyi’s first highlights green transformation.

In the third large-scale economic stimulus plan launched in fiscal year, the economic structure transformation became the top priority.

  Green growth strategy related documents show that the government will strengthen various means such as financial support, financing assistance, tax relief, regulatory system and standardization reform, to attract enterprises to invest huge savings into investment and promote economic green transformation.

  Specific measures include: establishing a 2 trillion yen fund, assisting the innovative technology research and development of carbon neutralization related projects; takes 500 billion yen to assist in establishing long-term university funds, strengthening the research and development foundation of the school community, consolidating talents; Established a business restructuring framework for trillion yen to help SMEs transform; tax cuts for energy-saving and green transformation investments; invest 10.94 billion yen, create a green residential integration system, guide the greening in the field, from technology research and development , Empirical, promotion, and commercialization.

  Green growth strategy puts specific planning objectives and years in 14 key areas involving energy, transportation, manufacturing, home and office. In the automotive field, the most late 20030s, including the passenger car new car sales market, including mini cars, will ban traditional fuel cars, listed new vehicles must be transformed into pure electric vehicles or fuel cell vehicles, hybrid vehicles, etc. Energy car.

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