Activate the "flow" password of red culture

In the survey, please wait. If there is no response for a long time, please refresh this page Author: Zheng Shipeng (Associate Professor, Beijing Jiaotong University, Vice President), rapid development of new media, has triggered a new round of cultural changes, compared to the era of information-oriented transmission The current cultural environment is more open, and the cultural content is more rich, and the form of cultural dissemination is also more diverse.

As the treasure of the Chinese national culture, the treasures of the Chinese national culture have truly record the party and the people to promote the Chinese revolution, the construction and reform process, engraved with countless patriotism as the safeguard, to pursue national revival, blood and sacrifice.

These rich red cultural resources should have become the "top flow" of the "flow era", and lead the cultural tide of the new era with more solid cultural quality, more fine cultural creativity, more noble cultural sentiments, and let red cultural classics Biography. Activate the "flow" password of the red culture, to hold the key. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the red resource was used to use the red tradition, and the red gene was inherited.

After a hundred years of red culture contains an endless rich resource, it has an extremely important historical value, cultural value and social value in the history of national cultural development in China.

Therefore, inheriting and developing red culture, the key is to take the lead in the development and protection of red culture, thus laid a solid foundation for impacting red culture in new media in network media.

  First, it is necessary to adhere to the principle of protecting priority, should be fully sorted, deeply ducted, and clarify the value level of red cultural resources, classify, grade management and rational development to ensure the complete red cultural resources. Sex and objectivity. The second is to fully condensed the distinctive characteristics of red culture, combined with historical inheritance and geographical characteristics of red cultural sources, and focus on the unique history of the region, in addition to the protection and development of revolutionary sites and red cultural relics. It should also be deeply captured in the invisible red culture in the masses to enable the red memories that should not be forgotten into the public vision. The third is to strengthen resource integration, realize the full and efficient use of red cultural resources, one side should continue to create red scenic spots, design red classic travel routes, on the other hand, to deliver well-made red cultural publications to new media The first line provides a continuous resource support for the growing source of mainstream ideology.

  Activate the "flow" password of the red culture, and make good use of the vehicle.

In the era of all kinds of online popular cultures, "net words" "audio readings" "live PK", etc. have become the highlight of mass cultural consumption. And the content of this kind of cultural content is always "traffic online", which is popular and loved by the public, and the key is that it makes full use of the information communication tool for new media, especially the authority new media platform with certain audience, but also become Cultural and public opinion gathering. Therefore, the red culture must strive for more "traffic", which will not be opened to the development and good use of the new media platform. First, we must form a new media platform to spread the queue, establish a new media culture "public space" of red "traffic" dynamic cycle, jointly authoritative information communication unit to create a red cultural resource-integrated media aggregation platform, providing new vectors for red culture. New channels, relying on the information credibility of the authoritative platform and the advantage of huge audience, creating a non-cultural environment of new media red culture.

The second is to enhance the interesting, interactive and aestheticity of new media red culture, pay attention to the creation of cultural situations, and enhance the integration of the audience on the red cultural scene.

In creation, the red culture is interpreted in digital, networked, interactive form, truly let the audience participate in it, and consciously become the era of red culture. The third is to strive for mainstream self-supporting support. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that for our Communists, the Chinese revolutionary history is the best nutrient.

Multiple Temperature We lead the people’s great history of the revolution, and the heart will add a lot of positive energy. Here, the temperature is not only a review of history, but also to reduce the original red culture in more novel ways. To this end, you must call the famous self-cultural team, producer, public figures, etc. Leading the public to extract the genetic password of red culture in the recollection, and work together to advance the inheritance and innovation of red culture in the "flow" era.

  Activate the "flow" password of the red culture to build a security this defense. Cultural security is an important part of my country’s overall security. In the process of realizing national cultural renewal, it is also an important guarantee for improving my country’s cultural soft power. Currently, the vigilant cultural detention crisis has become an urgent task of inheriting and developing red culture.

In the context of the "cultural factory" in the network, "Traffic Culture" is quickly manufactured, from the perspective of preventing complex social trend of interference, building a safety line of red culture, ensuring red culture leads in mainstream culture.

  First, actively learn and learn from the advanced experience of red cultural inheritance and development.

From the perspective of the protection and development of red culture in recent years, the 2015 National Revolutionary Site Census showed that nearly 50,000 revolutionary sites were registered, more than 5,000 sites were associated, especially in the revolutionary old districts and revolution. Therefore, the inheritance atmosphere of the red cultural inheritance is very strong, and the red story has a pivotal position between the people’s hearts.

However, there are still some cities in the region where the red cultural polymerization effects and the demonstration effect is still not ideal in red cultural inheritance.

Therefore, you need to learn from the revolutionary old district, the red cultural inheritance of the revolution, and to dig out its own characteristics, strengthen the red culture as mainstream culture, and make red culture into the trend, lead the trend.

The second is to establish a network red cultural database with a certain historical preservation value and academic research value, refute the historical virtual orientism stored in the new media in the new media, so that the red culture has become a strong historical evidence, with the deep province revolution History awakens the cultural security awareness of the audience, enhances people’s cultural crisis, condense the power of the people, and jointly maintain the dignity of national history. The third is to promote the booming of the red cultural industry economy, cultivate and absorb the young researchers and creators of red culture, and continue to carry out high-quality red cultural inheritance activities with certain social and network influence, so that "Marxist youth said" "shining The coordinates and other high-quality cultural content will further lead the mass culture needs, thereby occupying the new media position of red culture, truly activating the "flow" password of red culture, opening the door to the ethnic cultural revival.