Xiamen Jimei District Federation will send the new year "gift package" to let "Xiamen" employees have been a good year

People’s Network Xiamen January 13 (Zhang Mei) In order to ensure that "Xiamen" employees have spent a happy, peaceful, peaceful Spring Festival, Recently, Fujian Xiamen Jimei District Federations prepared a wide range of new year "gift packages", let The majority of employees who stayed "Xiamen" fully experienced the warmth of the United States "mother".

During this year’s "two sections", the Jimei District Federation will be released, "package", that is, "the" union red and warm heart "theme caring for the maintenance of the family, which is expected to invest 1.5 million yuan.

During the action, the Jimei District General Union will use rich and real new year, condolence difficult workers, and Zheng Zhengxian in the joint settlement card personnel, the major holiday, the key project and the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control first line workers and bitter tired The employees of the difficult industry, etc. Not only that, the Jimei District Federation will use the WeChat public number, the employee clouds platform, organize the membership service day card, welfare draw, watch the online Spring Festival Evening activities, and give a free movie ticket for the remaining "Xiamen" workers, network class learning Course, food coupons, etc.

In addition, it will also pass the WeChat public number, the Shuanglongtan, the old yard, the Chengyi Technology Exploration Center and other scenic spots, so that the employees can stay "Xiamen" in the New Year, and they can enjoy the beauty. It is reported that During the "two sections", the Jimei District Federation of Commerce will also organize 12 free Spring Festival activities, as well as the disabled people who have a disabled person who have been resettled by "Love House".

The districts of the district will also carry out a variety of condolences such as the new spring to send warmth, so that the vast number of non-Diki employees will feel care.

What is worth paying attention is that in order to encourage everyone to make a vacation, the Fengfeng returned to the hometown, and the Jimei District Federation will extend the "safe return" traffic subsidy to December 31, 2021, and it is expected to invest 7 million yuan, all Employees who return to Towers within the year can apply for a transportation subsidy. Contains the above-mentioned New Year "gift package", Jimei District Federation of Trade Unions plans to invest thousands of dollars to send benefits to the majority of non-Dikun employees.

(Editor: Lin Dongxiao, Zhong Xia Liuhua).