[Entering the village to see Xiaokang] "Farmland Recognition": Happy the citizens rich farmhouse

"To say that the ‘farmhold adoption in the village has had to create a thousand acres of Valley Demonstration in the village." Wu Mei, the first secretary in Luo Famura, said that 7 villagers in the village have set up a set plant. , Processing, sales, is integrated with Jiuxian Wangxin Planting Professional Cooperatives.

They cooperated with the Chinese Agricultural University Trace Element Group Experts and the Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences introduced high-quality millet varieties – Zinc-rich millet.

"This millet can increase more than double per mu, and the zinc content is 35% higher than ordinary millet.

"Cooperatives registered this millet as" Jin Guizhi ", opened up online sales channels, and products all over 18 provinces and cities across the country.

"Through the land transfer, this year’s cooperatives have created thousands of acres of grain demon district in the village. The variety is divided into No. 21, Jin Valley, K1, planting area of ??500 mu." Wu Mei said, in order to promote Luojia Sagi Agricultural Wenshou Industrial comprehensive development, help rural revitalization, to help farmers and sidelines, let "Jin Zhizhi" rich millet to the Table of Taiyuan citizens, on August 1 this year, combined with the advantages of gold ribbon and water campsite, the village Launched the "Farmland Accreditation" activity. In accordance with the principles of "government guidance, self-employment, self-commitment, ecological efficiency", signed a 1-year agricultural agreement, and pay a certain amount of cost.

The daily cultivation of farmland is responsible for the cooperative, and the accompanying person can always go to the farmland to weed, insecticides, fertilization, harvesting, etc., experience labor. Align the harvest of farmland and ownership.

"Before the recognition activities, our cooperatives only plan to take out 200 mu. I didn’t expect that after the event started, the recognitioners were endless, we added more than 100 acres.

Feng Xudong, the head of Wangxin Planting Professional Cooperative, said that the cost of supporting the cost of 5,500 yuan in an acre, the period is 1 year, and the expiration can be continued.

At present, 228 people have recognized the farmland, and the most adopted acres, the least acre is acres, and the total of 318 acres of farmland. "Most of the accompanying farmland is the people in the city, there is a Taiyuan city, and the ancient times, there is stone … to protect the privacy of the person, our cooperatives will make a unified number of people or units.

Every time you go to weekends or holidays, the villagers can see the farmland with the child’s family or friends and family, or to see the growth of the valley, or teach the child to know the valley, and participate in the fertilization of farmland under the guidance of the villagers who manage farmland. Weeds and enjoy the pastoral fun. "In order to manage farmland, Wangxin Planting Professional Cooperatives, in accordance with the priority principle of poverteen, 30 villagers from Luo Fami, which are responsible for the daily breeding of farmland, and the cooperatives are settled on daily payment, each person every day. 100 yuan to 200 yuan.

The villagers are engaged in the daily growth of farmland, and each person is expected to increase income of more than 3,000 yuan.

According to the relevant person in charge of the agricultural sector of the Jiuxian County, "Farmland Recognition" is a new agricultural production model. Consumers can cultivate their own efforts to experience farming life; can also make farmers planted in accordance with his requirements, can be said to be a leisure tourism, ordered a collection of agriculture, also known as traditional order agriculture.

"Next, the cooperative is also planned to be in thousands of valgs, to create sightseeing tourism areas of rapeseed, seaweed, attract more people to call us here.

"Feng Xudong said with confidence.

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