The global connection refugee crisis continues to ferment, can the EU have to work?

  Xinhua News Agency Brussels On November 17th, with the winter, the Northeast of Belarus has a steep temperature. Thousands of refugees took the cold tents on the border line, waiting for the arrival of humanitarian relief supplies.

  These refugees from the Middle East and other places have thought that from Belarus to Poland, Lithuania and other EU countries, and finally went to Western Europe, in this way, the "immigration dream", but did not expect a crisis that is quietly upgraded.

The refugee crisis has emerged in Belarus and neighboring countries in August this year.

A large number of refugees from the Middle East are to enter Western Europe, Germany, and they will take the Belarus into the neighboring countries such as Poland and Lithuania. With the increasing refugees in the retention border, the local situation is increasing, and the Belarus and the Polish military have added manpower to the border.

According to reports, due to the no sufficient food, water and medical protection in the border area, coupled with the need to avoid the arrest of Poland and Lithuania, including a large number of refugees, including the elderly, women and children. Poland, Lithuania and the EU share the current refugee crisis on Belarus.

The EU accused Bai Russia to transport refugees to the EU border and forced them to illegally enter the EU. But Belarus denied this, and said that it is a Western sanction leading to its "no money" control refugee tide.

EU: The pressure of new sanctions is committed to the refugee crisis, Poland and Lithuania have helps the European Union, requiring a sanctions to Belarus. The European Union held a Foreign Minister in Brussels, Belgium, and decided to implement new sanctions against Belarus. The EU Diplomacy and Safety Policy Senior Representative Balell said at the press conference held after the meeting, the new sanctions will have an impact on certain individuals and entities, and the specific sanctions will be announced in the next few days. He accused the "encouragement" immigrants into the EU territory, saying that the EU border will not be unrestricted, and refugees should enter the EU through legal ways.

  For the EU decision, the President of Belarus Luchenko is tough. He said on the 15th that Bai Fang is committed to returning refugees staying in the country and the Band of the Polish, but if the European Union applies a new round of sanctions against Belarus, the white party will be counter-harvest. European and American Western countries have so far have implemented multi-wheel sanctions in Belarus. Among them, the EU has been fraudulently existed by the Presidential Presidential in August last year, and four rounds of sanctions were implemented, involving 166 individuals and 15 entities, and the content of sanctions is mainly to travel ban and asset freezing.

After the Aviation Aviation incident this year, the EU banned all white Russian flights flying over the European Union and entered the EU airport and implemented targeted economic sanctions. These problems are more difficult in 2015, from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc., millions of people flock to European countries, which triggered the most serious refugee crisis after World War II. Refugee invested into the European society’s internal immigration, religion, culture, etc., to breed European terrorism, leading to European society.

This profound lesson is still printed in the European hearts, and the tide of preventing refugees has also become the consensus of European national leaders.

    In six years, when a large number of refugees stayed in a white Russian border, the European scars were once again unveiled.

In order to avoid the refugee crisis reproduction, the EU decided to add sanctions against Belarus.

  However, analysts pointed out that Western countries have previously implemented multi-wheel sanctions in Belarus, not only do not make Belarus yield, but may trigger the following more difficult issues.

  First, the new sanctions may lead to the rebound of the EU attitude toward the EU, and the Russian air gas transportation is cut off to Europe. Second, the EU’s new sanctions may cause white Russia to relate to Russian relations.

In fact, Belarus has recently indeed strengthened contact with Russia, Lucashenko 9th, on the 16th, the refugee crisis twice with Russia Putin.

In the near future, there are some military actions. The two strategic bombers in Russia and the White Air Force have implemented patrol missions on white-collar air, and the two armies also conducted a fight mission in the white territory.

  Third, because the external contradictions of the refugee crisis have not been alleviated in time, the internal contradiction between the EU member states has gradually highlighted.

Poland and Lithuani hopes to build a "isolation wall" to limit immigrants, but the European Union has long-term refusal to provide funding for repairing walls for long-term considerations.

In addition, Poland also opposes the Treatment of EU intervenes to border refugees.

  Recently, Germany and French leaders have launched diplomats to solve the refugee crisis.

Russia has expressed its wish to mediate the refugee crisis, Belarus also expressed hopes to resolve the crisis as soon as possible.

  Analysts believe that the latest decisions of the EU’s additional sanctions make the relationship between the two parties more tense, and the EU is difficult to impose effective impact on white neighboring countries to alleviate the situation, whether these diplomatic efforts can achieve achievements in the short term. (Reporter: Lin Hao, Li Wei, He Yue, Lu Jinbo, Zhang Zhang; Reporter: Ren Kov; Editor: Ma Xiaoyan, Wang Fengfeng, Lu Yu; Clip: Sun Shuo) Xinhua News Agency, China Production Xinhua News Agency International Communication Fusion Platform.