Powerful industrial park service beauty property re-extension 4 service projects

  On April 25th, the beauty of the property was bidding the Shanghai Kuka Robot Headquarters, Shanghai Kuka Flexible System, Kunshan Kuka Industrial Automation 3 Industrial Services Project and Tao County Taoshanfu Residential Service Project.

  This is the beauty of the property successfully win the bid and serve the Foshan Hand China Industrial Park, Kuta Science and Technology Park, and Yingfeng Industrial Park, once again expands a number of industrial park service projects, is a beautiful property deep-cultivating residential property service, focus and power industrial park services An important breakthrough in the field. The beauty property won the bid at the end of December 2020 and entered Foshan Midea Kuka Science Park and Yingfeng Industrial Park, innovative promotion park gridized management, due to geoscience construction system, standard, process, architecture, personnel integrated service system and response mechanism.

In addition to doing a fine operation of basic property services, the beauty of the property also provides customized value-added services such as business reception, high-end concierge, explanation and conference, as well as energy environment monitoring, energy consumption analysis, equipment operation and maintenance, with "talent + system + Resources + Innovation ", New Model of Development of Industrial Park.

  The beauty of the property said that in the future, the beauty of the property will continue to deeply farm residential property services, force industrial park services, and expand the comprehensive service industry such as business writing, Wenxin, and urban publication.