Science and technology empowerment, high quality facilities

On July 26th, located in the Demonstration Park of Jinxing Village, Ligang Town, Helan County, and the bright red and exquisite cherry tomato dense numbness is full of vines, and the staff work overtime. "Cherry tomatoes cultivated through new technologies, not only quality, good taste, in planting, also reflects good water-saving, feast and production performance.

After expanding planting scale next year, our high-quality tomato will meet more customers.

Hu Xinhua, general manager of Ningxia Higao Modern Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., said that the dome of the Dome (Ningxia) Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. in Yuexiang Lake Township, Yinchuan City, various kinds of melons have also entered the harvest.

"Breeding through new technology applications and new varieties, the melon of the base is not only in good quality, good quality, but also high quality production.

Digital water fertilizer precision management and intelligent equipment remote control of irrigation systems, so that the melon plantation water is 30%, and the output is increased by 20%. "Professor of Ningxia University Agricultural College told reporters. Digital production in the facility agricultural field is another successful exploration of the combination of scientific and technological innovation results and modern agricultural production. In recent years, with the scale of melon industry in our district The total amount of vegetables existing in the process of high quality facilities in the development of high quality facilities in the process of high quality facilities, excessive problems in structural, regional, and seasonal management, and the high-quality management levels are gradually appeared. Since 2019, technology since the autonomous region With the support of the Office, Ningxia University Joint China Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Vegetable Flower Institute, Beijing Wijiao Coilatei Technology Co., Ltd., Ningxia Higao Modern Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., jointly implemented the key research and development plan of the autonomous region’s key research and development plan "efficiency drive type facility Research on the Key Technology of Vegetable ‘Three High Two Decrease One Steady’ Digital Production System.

On the basis of the existing Demonstration Technical Research of the Existing Non-Cultivated Ecological Matrix Cultivation of Northwest Non-Channel Ecological Matrix, the project is based on mobile Internet, agricultural Internet of Things, depth convolutional neural network and artificial intelligence technology established a set of ecological matrix cultivation in the whole district. The control model provides intelligent water fertilizer management decision-making for "three high-end and stable" production, high-yield, high-quality, high-profile water, high-profile, weight loss, reduction, and high quality and stable weight loss.

"We have studied the high-quality benefits drive type matrix cultivation system with high-profit cherry tomatoes, melon variety and Ningxia climate facility characteristics.

Gao Yanming said.

It is understood that "Benefit Drive Type Square" three-high two-dimensional and one-stable "digital production system key technology research" project has introduced 12 cherry tomato varieties, 5 mouthful tomatoes and 10 melon varieties, In Yuechuan City, Yueqing District, Yuexiang, Helan County and Yinchuan National Agricultural Science and Technology Park established three demonstration bases, developed 2 sets of soil-like intelligent equipment remote control irrigation systems, and realized digital water fertilizer precision management.

At the same time, the new variety of melon and cherry tomatoes, high quality and high-quality, high-efficiency cultivation technology core demonstration bases are established, and radiation has driven 2,300 mu, and training farmers more than 500.

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