Pingguo Municipal Strong Media Center: Treatment for Mirroring Party

Recently, more than 17 people leading cadres in Pingguo Municipal Media Center went to Pingguo Integrity Education Base to warn out the education activities.

"All said that the sky is revived and not leaking, under the anti-corruption high-voltage line, there is still a lot of leading cadres who challenge high pressure!" "You look at this, this is a low-level mistake!" "Everyone is watching the case At the same time, it is necessary to put himself in, especially the young cadres, the style is more hard … "Just entering the integrity education base, the comrades who visited the visit have discussed, and the atmosphere is warm. Those in the "Baise City Management Cadre Case", "Baise City Cadres Case", "Baise City Treatment Cadre Case", "Pingguo City Typical Cases", etc., in view of typical illegal cases, based on typical cases, to make a mirror, and then temper the party. After the visit, everyone said that this kind of warning education is intuitive, vivid and infectious, and is a very meaningful anti-corruption class.

Song Baochun, director of Pingguo Municipal Media Center, said: "The new era glows new weather, new ideas show new.

Building clean-out media and vigorously creating a fusion atmosphere of the wind and purity, the trip, the beginning, not forgetting the guidelines and objectives that must be followed by each cadres in the Media Center. "It is reported that the Pingguo Integrity Education Base is mainly composed of three parts:" Education Exhibition Hall "" Education Exhibition Hall "" Education Exhibition Hall "," Yang Qingfeng, Tree Justuction, Advocating Division, Anti-Corruption "as the theme, the purpose of education Guide party members and cadres to firmly believe in the ideals and beliefs, enhance honest and self-discipline, refusal to corrode, prevent envitation, always keep in mind the mission, diligent, loyal, responsible, and keep the communists’ political nature.

(Huang Qiuli) (Editor: Zhou Yule, Huang Wei).