"2020" UP new force "educational brand influence" authority release

Qianlong Zhi Tank Analyst Li Peiwang Data Support Liu Weiyuan Qin Yong Yinghui Song Manman Data Source Qianlong Zhicuo School to Li Nong Ling Qianlong News "2020 UP new force education brand influence" released on January 28.The report is jointly launched by the Jinchen Education Channel of the New Beijing News.The report is based on 521 brands of China’s education industry as research objectives. Relying on Qianlong Zhicuk data, analyzes the brand communication, value impact of enterprises, and analyzes the quality of word-of-mouth heat, consumer appeal, and interprets the hotspots and issues of current education industry.Enterprise development provides a new perspective to provide reference for consumers to understand the current situation of the industry, cognitive brands.