"Dual carbon" era housing prices turned digital transition

  At present, my country’s urbanization policy proposed to promote green, low-carbon, new urbanization process of sustainable development, while the real estate market is an important part of it.

With the establishment of China peak of carbon, carbon-neutral schedules, a growing number of housing prices began to "double carbon" objectives into long-term development strategy. Innovation and application of energy technologies is the key to low-carbon development. On the journey to the "double C" goals, electrification and clean integration of digital technology green energy management, or become a tool for low-carbon transition. Currently, commercial buildings, there are some companies were trying to reduce emissions, in this process, the digital transformation of energy-saving emission reduction has become a major weapon.

  Guangzhou Pearl River New City is located in the central axis of the Overseas Chinese Xin International Financial Center, in the beginning of the project design, developers will be co-digital transformation, Schneider Electric solutions were designed so that the Overseas Chinese Xin International and traditional architecture compared to 25% reduction in the cost of energy efficiency .

Swire Group includes six projects in more different areas of Guangzhou, Beijing, Chengdu and other applications are deployed and a series of innovative energy management solutions.

  Compared to commercial real estate, the country with the proposed "two-carbon" target of a growing number of residential developers will try to pay attention to this area. In recent years, the concept of green low-carbon cell cells more and more attention. On the digital transformation of the track, the head portion of housing prices go faster. 2016, Vanke introduction of information technology, digital strategy "fertile ground plan"; 2017, Yuexiu start layout to "two engines wings" for the digital strategy of transformation; 2018, Country Garden start, "Pitt co-Plan" digital transformation strategy.

  According to CRIC "issued by real estate industry Digital Development Report" in 2020, housing prices in the digital transition process has accelerated markedly, mainly to increase investment in digitization, while housing prices have ninety percent Top50 Information Department as a department.

  Song Jiong, Senior Vice President of Schneider Electric Smart Home Business Unit, under the double carbon target, the next more and more digital means housing prices will integrate energy management, and energy management must be combined to achieve the indoor and outdoor coverage within the home environment and overall project environment, but also to hardware and software. Among them, at the community level, housing prices need to consider how to achieve through intelligent distribution of digital products in the construction period, how rational use of energy in the operation period by, and its effective management and monitoring to achieve long-term emission reduction targets, particularly the use and management of new energy sources.

  At the household level, intelligent home, for example, should be considered in conjunction with the exchange of households with the smart community-based safe house security, energy monitoring and other scenes, collaborative community to achieve long-term fine, intelligent management. Through active control of smart home, such as home energy use statistics to raise public concern about the low-carbon environment, and to strengthen the individual’s awareness of low-carbon life.