We picked up in the road – 200,000 yuan!

  On the afternoon of December 7th, the upper class bell just sounded in Hangzhou Jerong Center, the second grade twin sisters Chen Jiyuan, Chen Jina received a gift: two new school bags, a set of extracurricular reading, some new stationery, there is also one side The banner of "picking up the money is not true, the morality is noble".

  "We are very grateful to two children, but I don’t know what to send them, I have to buy some small gifts they can use.

"Give a gift is a strange aunt. A few days ago, her husband Shao Mr. Shao accidentally lost a bag of 200,000 yuan in cash, fortunately, the bag was opened by Chen Jiyuan, Chen Jina accidentally got it. Campaign "Catch" to the whole bag of cash on October 5th, Jeri Yuan, Gina, with Ms. Lin.

Ms. Lin is in the east gate of Xixi Happy City, and selling some time-saving fruits and simple dry goods from 4 kilometers away from home.

  8 o’clock that night, the people on the road gradually be less, the sisters felt a little boring, just ran to play with hide and seek.

I just played for a while, my sister Gina suddenly found a green belt fence not far from the stall with a plastic bag between yellow and black. "Sister, you see, it seems that it is money.

"Gina screamed the sister Jusheng, opened the bag together, and it is really a red banknote.

  "So much money …" Since the birth, the sisters have never seen so many cash, and they have a little panic, and they will turn to the mother.

Ms. Lin is not good on the day. Seeing the sky is late, it is planning to pay back home, listen to the daughter, and go. "The new bag of cash should be that others have just taken from the bank." Ms. Lin is very nervous, think of a few seconds, said to two daughters, "This is someone else’s money, lost money Now it is very anxious, we will call the police immediately, let the police uncle to deal with it. "Ms. Lin made a police phone, and then let the two daughters are guarded by the plastic bag. A few minutes later, the police station of the idle forest police arrived at the scene. After some, the bag was installed with a total of 200,000 yuan in cash.

  On the night, Mr. lost the wage, arrived at the idle forest police station. Mr. Shao said that the night, he and his friends dine near Xixi, Hangzhou. Before leaving, because the mobile phone was no electricity, he worked in the toilet, accidentally put the cash plastic bag in the green belt.

Through video tracking, the police verified the identity of Mr. Shao, 200,000 yuan in cash, finally returned to Zhao.

  "The money that has been made by yourself is practical." On December 7th, the reporter saw Ms. Lin outside Xixi Jola City. Ms. Lin is after 90, Hangzhou Jiandeng, married to idle forests for 10 years.

"Our family has always been a fruit business. I originally rented a small store in Hangzhou. In these two years, the influence of the epidemic, the business is a lot, and I want to put the stall subsidies a little home." Ms. Lin said, It is more than two months of stalls, and I am surrounded around 8 pm every morning. I will first put it in the street near the home. After 3 o’clock in the afternoon, I will move the stall at Xixi Job City. I am free at 9 o’clock in the evening. "Xixi Happy City is the nearest shopping mall, more people who have played in the evening, so good to earn some money.

"Every weekend, Ms. Lin will have two small stall owners on the stalls – Jedi and Gina.

"They are only 8 years old, but they are particularly sensible.

"Ms. Lin said that the two daughters will sit on a look, do the exercise, sometimes help himself call the business, and the model is sampled. 200,000 yuan, for the Ms. Lin, what does it mean? "Means a lot of money, classmates say that these money can buy two cars.

"Sisters are both true." To tell the truth, even I have never seen so many cash. "Ms. Lin said, just a few days, because the rent rose, the business decline, etc. Long-term medicine, the business of the stall is dinner by heaven, it is good to be bad.

"Life encounters difficulties, but in the face of large cash, Ms. Lin is clear." More money is also someone else, we won’t want it.

I often say that the people don’t want to make money, and I’ve made money.

"Ms. Lin said that the corner always took a smile. The flow of the eyes was simple, gentle, stable. I don’t dare to count, or wait for them. "Simple goodness is always mutually mutually. The idle forest police station auxiliary police Chen Li revealed a detail – On the evening of December 5th, the police officers took a 180 yuan fruit and dry goods to Ms. Lin before leaving the scene. "Big cold days, their three-female woman keeps the street, it is not easy, we also want to support them.

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