“Sea Shenyi,Wanhai destroyed!”Xian Yichen stared at this chance。

“The god of the sea?”The sword is demon to die of the body of the body.。
“The fourth is really hidden.!”Devil is a laugh:“This time we are more confident.,I am saying how to arrange in the sea.,It turned out that there is a high person who has a sea god.。”
“Great,Wanhai destroyed,The emperor has come in not to die.,We are giving him these people!”Royal Mouse Wolf looks at the patterns。
“Mouse,This time you can step on!”Lin Feng carrying hands smiles:“Don’t have any scruple,This time, I will leave with the Tiger King.,No longer,I am in the past!”
“Small brother,Licking。”Huang Mouse Wolf,Lin Feng completely solved his worries。
In the http://www.baitaidq.cn past, he also wanted to join the forces of the Arrange Temple.,But after all, no one is covered.,I am afraid that it is a can.。
And now,There is Lin Feng cover,Basically flat blue clouds。
“Join the Arugi Temple is not free,Be less than archaeological。”At this time, I walked a few movies.,It is a tiger king,Golden dragon,Sandao people,Evil turtle,Greedy。
Have it a tiger king,Golden dragon,Santao people look awkward,Low head。
“Several bastards,Do good things!”Lin Feng saw a few people directly went to anger:“What did you go??”
Screaming between the speech,Golden dragon,Tiger King,Santao people flew out,Heavy falling on the sea。
“Small brother,Don’t have to be……”The Royal Mouse is hurriedly walked up and pulled Lin Feng Road.。
Golden Long battle from the sea:“Lin Big,This thing we have rushed over.,You are http://www.selmarkshop.cn already present,So we didn’t come out.……Be there,I am afraid it on the spot.,Did you lose money or we,The plan here is not allowed to bubble soup。”
“it is true?”Lin Feng looked at the golden dragon,To be honest, when the hoe wolf was stepped on, Lin Feng is very angry.,I can’t see the people.。
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Chapter 1,797 Hook
NS1797Chapter hook
“Old four,This is true,They also search for materials around。Please search for everyone()Most!The fastest update”The figure of Xiaoyu got over and patted Lin Feng’s shoulder。
“Small brother,This thing doesn’t blame them.。”The royal ring is hurried to explain:“They really go to other regions of the black market.。”
“Ok,This thing I am letter,Golden dragon,Tiger King,Sandao people,This time I gave you the main way.。”Lin Fengwang to Tiger King,Golden dragon,Sandao http://www.sjtu-ihs.cn people told。
“This assured,Our avatar is in the god city,Prepare to hook the emperor。”Golden Dragon came to the front of the Royal Wolf to take out a cigarette point to the 皇 狼:“Licking!”
“Who let us be a friend,My royal wolf will never sell friends.!”Royal Mouse wolf took the flue。
“well said,Old emperor,We will be brothers in the future.!”Tiger Wang grinned and laughed:“This time I wronged you,But let you step on it right away.,Tasting the taste of the god!”
“it is good!”The Huangmoo Wolf heard the voice。
“All right,Everyone converges the breath,I hide the breath with the power of fate.,Use a semi-demonstrator when you do,It is best to be three of you.。”Lin Fengwang to Santao。
“no problem,Ready!”Sandao people took out a black cloth,This black cloth is quiz,Above the Senson’s breath。
And this is very powerful in Yin Sensen,This is the atmosphere。
“Dark god cloth!”
The sword is devil dead, staring at the Handicon of Sandao people.:“You actually find the dark god cloth?”
“Dark god cloth,The rumor is a semi-artifact that is unearthed in the death.!”Xianyu expect this half-demonstrator。
“good eyesight,This is the dark god cloth,Dedicated,Trapped,This time we wrap the body of the earth,Everyone is hard!”Sandao people hold dark gods:“Everyone’s power is only injected into it.!”
“it is good!”
Lin Feng,Fairy God,Sword,Magic,Golden dragon,Tiger Wang and others have heard that there have been a smile。