A glass of wine than one million。

Who will tell??
Truth,In fact, longan wine does not necessarily have more spiritual effects.,There are two points that really make these families.。
One,Take a thin,Changsheng wine belongs to the legendary treasure,They only only smell their names.。
Second,It is a face。
Today’s era,It is a very common young man in consumption.,Also like to pay for expensive and don’t choose,More about Zhang Wenli and Hu Xiangdong like this super money。
Face for them,Representative,Identity,Status。
And they are not afraid of Yao Jiajun and other top sons。
As for Mu Tianhe He Yu……As the summer http://www.2812315.cn is saying,Their forces in Hong Kong and Olympus,Although it is a,But I can’t extend it to Longcheng.。
Luo Qianjin and Luoqiao have some hair。
The two people looked at two people who were still increased.,Look at this lazy, sitting there, sitting there,The look is complex in the eyes。
Especially Luoqiao,The little mustie in my heart flew soon,Flashing the worship in your eyes。
Now he has learned the observed,This is a cheap sister.,I am afraid that the origin is not simple.。
Population,Mu Tianhe He Yu’s face has become a gloomy,The look is getting colder in their eyes.。
Both people can see,Those who originally standing on them,Although trying to maintain calm。
But,They look at the eyes of there, but they are full of enthusiasm.。
Let them feel sinky.,Those young people who have kept neutral and http://www.dplus3c.cn have a certain strength,Occasionally sweeping eyes,Brought a single alert。
An atmosphere of an original,Make a bottle of long-lived wine。
And that bastard didn’t do anything。
Not,He is collecting money……This makes Mu Tian and He Yu have an impulse that I want to have.。
This is a face。
Especially He Yu,Have to recognize,He still saw this guy.。
I have a three words in the words.,That bastard is in a harsh way,Push a green head into his mouth。
One with alert and meaningful eyes,Fortunately, He Yu felt the swelling of the chest,An exemplary emotional instant is full of whole body。
Have this feeling,More than them,Yao Jiajun,Yang Yufeng,Sun Ren is also one of them。
At this moment,Their look is not calm,Converting is a thorough cold and ice cold。
Until now,They still have a feeling of can’t work hard.。
What is this guy?。
Why can I resolve the crisis at a critical moment??
“Home。”Yangfeng low voice,“He Yushu is Mu Tian’s backhand,But it seems that there is no effect.。”