Saying amulet?

“Actually pumped this thing in the urban city city”Another one,The upper striker looks at the hand.‘amulet’Two words of paper,A bitter,“Unfortunately!”
“Who will bring this kind of thing this year?!”The upper strip,“This game is really engaged in me.!”
“that”When the top is being lost,A hiped female voice came from one side,“I have a belt on me.”
Walking like a Saint of God’s voice,The upper righteousness turned,Just see a black long hair with a black long hair next to himself.,Her head is still with a white flower ornament,It is tight to look at yourself。
White floral decoration looks at the flower ornament on the sky,The upper endless thinks of changing the hair card,Can’t help but secretly laugh,What is so funny or the Qing Palace to her?。
“what,I am so grateful.!”Have a hurry,Just want to reach out to catch your body character,Suddenly think of,Running to the left hand,“If you don’t have the magic of people’s bodyguards, it is broken.。”
“Hen!”Although Zo Tian did not understand the meaning of the second half of the previous,But it was laughed by the serious movement of the upper strip.,“but,Although it is a bit broken,But this is indeed very important to me.,so”
“rest assured,I will definitely keep it.。”Say seriously,Subsequently referred to a store,“So the location of the collection,Will it be in front of the store after an hour??”
“OK。”Santo smiled,“If I haven’t come,I can help me send it to the discipline.177Branch?”
“no problem。”I nodded,Heart is slightly 嘀咕。
Discipline members177How is the branch so familiar??
“OK,”Sky is slightly smiling at the upper,“correct,My name is Zaudian。”
“I am a numb,”The upper strip turned and laughed and looked at Zotian.,“this time”
“Thank you, thank you.。”
(This chapter is over)
NS420chapter Hoe
In the case of casual appearance,Meiqin is careful in the venue in the ninth school district.。 She wrapped her own with electromagnetic,There is no way to detect yourself in all electronic devices around you.,only,I can’t block the human eye.,Can only be careful。
but,Miqin is not worried about what you are discovered.。
When I entered this base,She has cut off all the signals and radio waves of the entire venue in the first time.,in other words,Unless I really send people to report,otherwise,Everyone in the entire venue doesn’t even send a text message.。
In this situation,What can I find it??
I knocked down a security guard in the dark.,Meiqin, I slipped into the main venue.。
At this time, there is already a wolf.,There is a white coat everywhere, there is a panic, running around.,Can you tell whistle? Who is a researcher?,Meiqin even believes,under these circumstances,Feel someone,The study of the urban city of the school may go back to a long time.。
but,Don’t you do this?。
Meiqin is a black suit is not too conspicuous.,Mainly has a reason,It is because there is a wave of black people in this venue.,And some of them mixed some researchers,Two people a black white,It is making people a faint spray against people.。
“Attempt。”Look at the action of these people,Meiqin suddenly understood,Couldn’t help but,Don’t guess,This is the masterpiece of the bee bee。
Just as Meiqin intends to exit the main venue,Earthly,Her Yu Guang accidentally found a picture of white coat,Although it is just a flash,But I gave Meiqin a inexplicable familiarity.,When Meiqin looks back,That person has disappeared。
“Um?”Meiqin shakes his head,Turned out of the main venue。
as predicted,Outside the main venue,Meiqin saw the bee。
“Hen!”Looking at the metano, a black suit,I came out with sunglasses,The bee smiled at the time,“What is your clothes??”
“To shut up。”Meiqin is not cool back to a sentence,“I am different from you.,I can’t be seen by people and gymnastics service.,And there is such a suite between the dress room。”
“Compare this,Wooden fiction?”Meiqin is laughing with eyebrows,“I just walked in a circle.,Didn’t see it, he is.。”
“I am sending some arrest。”Say lazy,“Wait a little more。”
“He won’t run it.?”American question。
“All the buildings in the entire venue were blocked by my people.,Where can he escape??”The bee has turned over white eyes,“Helicoping airport in the roof”