Is it a ghost?!

Step in step,Lin Liancai found a gold coffin in the middle of the room。
have to say,The golden shiny coffin is here.。
Strive from the female hand,Before going to the coffin,Can’t care about the coffin board:
“So cute。”
Female ghost and gods staring at Lin,Another people praise the cute?Look with the maid:
“Where to find?How to feel a bit stupid?”
“Grandmother。I saw it on the road to Jian Kangfu.,Lift it back。”
“Lang Jun。It’s not too early.,We rest in peace!”
Lin looked back and asked:
“rest in peace?”
“Oy!I’ve mispoken。It is it.!”
“Oy!I’m so excited,Be sleeping!”
The maternity immediately put the door of the room,Leave them two people。
Lin looked on the coffin:
“Who is it in this??”
“Who is there?,Just someone sent me a gift。”
The hand pulled the forest to the bedside,It sits down,Want to refuse to meet:
“Lang Jun。Please open my head cover。”
“Do not,Do not,A cover。”
The female ghost is secretly blaming himself,What is going on today??Always say something wrong。
Lin Ren reached out to open the cover,See the exquisite face,Call out:
“You are so beautiful。”
Female ghost touchs his face,I can’t help but smile.。
Which woman doesn’t want a man to boast??
It doesn’t laugh still,As it laughs,Room bursts,Shake the green flaming of the white candles.。
“Lang Jun。Today.!”
Lin rang against its ear:
“Don’t worry。I have something to show you.。”
“what is this!”
The girl is curious to use the eyes of the ghost eye.。
It seems to be deep in the heart of the forest。
Lin loudly:
“This thing is commonly common,It can be shorter,Be thicker,you guess。”
What kind of girl is wide,I thought about the stuff.,Think:
I dare to show my old lady.,Wait for it。Let you die for a while,Survive。
“Lang Jun。How do you change multiple?,Going to the place,It is the dragon and also。”