“Heat control!”

Room,A white headband on a head,A teenager wearing a white special attack looks at the hands.pda,Ankle。
“It’s a interesting guy.,Previously did not have any news,Attempt,Is it another blue flower??”The teenager’s eyes reveals a fanatic war,“I really want to play with him.…Ratio,Whose is hard!”
“Heat control?”in the room,Brown girl is lazy on the sand,One hand puts a brown tip with the fingertips,The bottom of the fund is exposed to the look of interest,“Don’t know your ability and mine‘Atomic collapse’compare with,Which one is stronger……”
“A school city has appeared again1eve1 5NS……”Gold’s teenager brow slight wrinkles,“never mind,I have no time to manage this person.?Humph……‘Heat control’……”Junmei, joy, but also flashed on a slightly impatient color.。
Tenth,A name called“Institute of Multiple Adjustment Technology”Inner building。
In dim lab,A white boy standing quietly in the middle,Topped a simple black white striped top,But give him a strange attraction。Teenager,Surrounded by a group of full armed arms,Man holding a weapon,Faced with these people pointing at themselves,Boy, but uncomfortable,As if those guns do not exist。
next moment,All the figure of the gun moves,The firearms in the hand aimed at the middle of the teenage group shot.,One instant gun sound,Can be in the middle but not hiding,Just standing quietly。Just when I want to stage a bullet to play the tragedy of the human body.,Juvenile slowly lifted the head。
next moment,All the bullets that have been exposed to the skin of the teenager,All still down,Next moment,All bullets are in relation to the time.,Direction to the direction“reflection”Go back!This reflection is not a rebound,But the direct direction change,It seems like a moment of god in bullets.,Then put the bullets backwards back to the ejection back.,Suddenly called,Those bullets have a little hit their shooter,Slightly http://www.jurenpx.cn blood flowers,Screaming,The dark laboratory turned into a general scene of hell。
The juvenile’s mouth comes out of a laughter,At this time I noticed,Some skin of the teenager’s skin is scary,A pair of scorpions is pure blood red,The whole person looks like a vampire that appears in European novels,Can not vampire the noble temperament,The whole person has a turbid white,Hide crazy。
Seeing everyone after falling,I didn’t say anything.,Silence,Turned to the outside of the laboratory。
“It is said that,There is a new city in the urban city.1eve1 5,Hot energy control。”Juvenile,A voiced voice came,That is an old man who spends white,But it seems that there is no kindness of the old man.,Instead, there is a inexplicable chill。Behind the old man,More than a dozen full armed armed people quietly stood behind the old http://www.sjfan.cn people。
If the Qing Palace is here,He will definitely,More than a dozen armed people,The one who was almost killed by him was once the same.!
Small hound!
Juvenile footsteps,But did not stop,There is no reason to pay attention to the elderly.,Going out the laboratory。The old man did not block,Just look at the back of the teenager,The eyes flashed a happy smile。
When you are widely concerned by your title,“Heat control”Ontology,The Qing Palace I didn’t pay attention to these。He is in front of a three-story abandoned research institute。
Tenth,It is the cheapest land price in the urban city.,The most concentrated research facilities,nuclear energy、Squirting area of bacteriology research facilities and experimental animal incineration treatment field。It is not like a student in the seventh school district.,Instead, http://www.nchhz.cn there is a feeling of chaotic turbidity.,In addition to those research measures,The only cemetery and teenager in the school are also in this place.。Due to low land prices,And the laxation of the research facility,Here, it has become the hidden sarcity in the urban hooligans and certain harsh unforgettable groups.。Due to the bad security,Plus ordinary students come here,Here, it has become a place where the Route Reserve and the Spirit Committee are rarely patrolled.。
“Yaresta is really looking for a place。”Looking at the discarded research institute,Qing Palace picks up eyebrows,Laugh,“Actually in this ghost place。”
Go to the entrance of the research institute,Microscopic eyes feel the moment,Laughing in the Qing Dynasty,Go straight to go。
“It’s really a group……Do not listen to guys。”
At the beginning of the Qing Dynasty,A strong spiritual impact is directly hit by him,Let the Qing Palace don’t help your hair,at the same time,The revenue cold is also coming to him.,Follow,A low blasting,The fire of the Qing Dynasty。Originally the place where the Qing Palace is located,I became a smoke in a moment.。
Successful attack,Let the attacker call out one breath,The dark blue short girl is gently rubbing the eyes,A pair of people have a slight fanturized eye flashing a shot。
next moment,All flares disappeared in a moment,Even the smoke is like an invisible big hand, and it has disappeared.,Exposed a born body shape,I didn’t leave a white long windbreaker even a trace。Not only the fire disappears,Under the foot of the teenager, there is even a laverse blue frost。
“It’s really welcomed from the companions.。”The Qing Palace pushes some glasses that declined,Laugh,“but,What do you think of this level of attackers??I am right.?Franda?”
“Anyan,I didn’t expect not to see more than a year.,The Qing Palace became so powerful.。”Was known as the Qing Dynasty,Tie’s laughter,“but,No command,I can’t use the bomb at will.。”
The age of golden girl looks like a small palace,Have a fluffy golden long scroll,Blue eyes are like a sea, blue,slim,Wear a miniskirt,It is clear that it is only twelve three years old.,A pair of beautiful legs wearing a pair of black stockings。It looks full,The girl also deliberately stretched a pair of legs,As if it is very proud of this。
Standing on the other side of the girl,Is the dark blue short girl,It looks slightly better than Qing Palace,It looks like a fifteen six years old,Have a pair of deep sone of creepy eyes,The whole person gives people a lack of healthy breath。Standing behind her,It is a black in the length of the shoulder blade.,Liu Hai is all tied to the back,Tallful girl,She is laughing and taking the Qing Dynasty.,It seems that a human animal is harmless。On her other side,It is a little girl who seems to be about seven or eight years old.,It’s just a face of the Qing Dynasty.,A small hand unconsciously pulled the skirt of Franda。
“have not seen you for a long time,Allocate……Oh no,In addition to Franda,Others should call the first time。”Four people looking at the front,Qing Palace picks up eyebrows,The mouth is slightly rising,Slow way to open,“Beravulate……Yunchukuia……There is also you,Franda’s little sister……”
o1etMembers set soft candies, but they have a hard work, and they are really uniform, and they have pulled Franda.,However, this seems to be sent to her by her waist.(funny)