Seclia Limi Check Qi Gay’s injury,I found that there were several muscle tissues that were torn.,There are many sides of the body.,The kind of place that can’t live in ordinary people。

“These crustal……”Seliia looked in Qifu because of injective agents,Crack-crop shell from the body。
“Want to treat wound,The crust must be peeled off!”
“But……These crosses are like growing from their body.……How to do it?”
Semilia is a bit an urgent,If the therapeutic ability of the Blackyuan white flowers is, it is the injury to the treatment of Qi G.,but……
“Well……”Qi Gan struggled to move the body,Slowly open your eyes,“Seliia……”
“You are fine,That’s great!”Secrilian eye angle exposed smile,“You first wait,I……”
Qi Guan’s weak lift,To touch Sishi’s face,Weakness:“Don’t worry about me.,You leave here。”
“I am not her opponent,you……”
Celyfia pinching Qi Gay’s hand on his face,“Don’t say stupidity!”
“I won’t drop you.,A person runs away,You can absolutely can’t give up!”
“otherwise,I will let you go home.!”
Semilia spokes,I heard the giant sound behind him.,Qi Gay,Cesecia raises the black-winning white flower ready to resist。
Follow the broken Alajour,Putting the Qi Gafei husband’s own body。
“Power full,Protective cover。”
Mechanical sound sounds from the broken machine,A shield protects Qi Gaya in the following。
Han Jiang, still watching the show, can not continue to watch,He hides the attack of the empty law,Go to Qiaa。
“what happened?”
Ji Yana, just came out, so,The space inside is too quirky,How to attack will appear in another direction。
“Nothing?,The second law is dead.,We have to talk to her.。”
“Really,Is my mother defeated the second law??”Qi Yana is looking forward to ask。
Han Jiang laughed,Say:“almost,But you have to pay attention to it later.。”
“Notice?”Qi Yana did not understand the words of Hanjiang,“What?”
“You will know when you arrive.。”
Cracking can continue to enhance,There are more and more weird buildings that appear in subcompers.,Sprinkle like don’t want money,Constantly bombardment。
“let’s go!”
Han Jiang pulls Qiaa first to find the location of Xilin,Qifu Fei and Sepilia still discuss how to defeat the second law in place。
Command center,Amber should not wipe the cold sweat on the face,Otto report:“exist5Secondary,Observing the second collapse!”
“At present, the collapse can spread into the Siberian plain.,Where the civilians have not been effectively evacuated。”
“Civilian who can radiate,Will die in three。”
“Currently expected number of victims……”Amber,“It is expected to be 40,000 people。”
Amber looked at the heart of the data,This is, in the heart, there is also reversed attacks.。
And Siberian people are rare,There are so many people who have died in the world’s two major forces.,Second law……too strong。
“what is that?mother?”
The item sprayed in the subcompered space suddenly,Just see a string of streams that exudes red rays from above over,I crushed the defense circle of the second law.,Let Siam space break。
Follow,A bright light like the sun appears,Qi Gi flew out to become a flame to attack the second law。