“Since this,That will fight!”

I saw his wrist.,A sound,There is a three-foot Qingfeng in his hand.。
“Bamboo”No slightly hesitation,A sword spokes through the summer。
Seem simple,Very casual sword。
But in the air, it seems to be torn.,Send it like a ghost-like sharp ring。
Sword is accompanied by a power of mountain retro,Instantly outbreak。
The Jun is worthy of the old card。
Negative a decline in realm,But the whole person still transmits a powerful force that makes it difficult to speculate.。
At this moment,He seems to be unbeatable sword god,The air torn with the sword。
The figure is even in place.,Directly to http://www.tj-alt.cn the summer。
Summer does not retreat。
Similarly, a knife。
Sword,Like nine days of rushing rolling,Shock people ears。
Sword collision,The air sways a tangible air corrugation。
First2048Chapter Trip
Within the field。
Summer is fast,Lightning。
He holds a snake knife to open a big,Fighting with the dramatic intense。
The sword constantly collides a punch star。
Show off,A piece of。
Have to say,Jun is really very powerful。
Every sword will inevitably shake eight parties,Yao out a thorns of thorns。
Under the same realm,This is what you encountered in the summer.,Strong opponent。
In fact。
If it is serious,Both naturally have gaps。
First,I have been injured before the summer。
Second,He is now there is a sixth stage of war,It is the first time。
Last,His cell phony is recovered,But mysterious energy is still the depletion state。
These are his disadvantages。
Correspond to him,Jun Lin occupies a big advantage。
“Bamboo”His sword is not only fast,And heavy,It’s straight to Taishan。
Summer vacation,Rapid pendant。
His foot turns,Connect swing,Snake knife in the hand,狠 劈 头 头。
This is his master taught his sword.。
Tour Dragon Sword originated。
http://www.njllm.cn The rumor is a very special sword trick in Xiaoyao.。
Special,It is because of the roller sword method is just a very ordinary people.,As long as the gapsen disciple,Can practice。