“All right,Don’t be a small little.,Didn’t you see it?,People with small boyfriend came.。”

Li Ying is also attached,“exactly,We said something else,Pointful。”
Several girls surrounded by Su Xiao。
But very quickly,One of the girls took a mouth,“Zhang Xiaoxia,Li Ying,What did people have not said yet?,What mouth do you insert?。”
“that is,Lu Haifeng is so good,Absolutely matching small,Ugh,If he looks at me,I will immediately break up with my boyfriend.。”
“And things about Xiaoxi Lu http://www.anguofangchan.cn Haifeng,Not you spread out??”
Several girls have sarcastically,Let Zhang Xiaoxia and Li Ying’s face change,Anger。
“How do you talk??”
“Little is so good,Do you use you to introduce your boyfriend??Zhang Avenia,Yan Fang,Li Yanfeng,Don’t think that I don’t know what you have.,No one fool。”
“What did you say!”
A few girls are discolored,I have to worry about it.,suddenly,A hot voice。
“What are you talking about?。”
I saw a tall,Dress up a gorgeous woman coming in,Sweep over around,Immediately look at small,When you have a cheeks, you will showcase your smile.。
“Small,Our four sisters of our bedroom gathered。”
Come is Xiao Yu,It is also one of Su Xiaoxiao’s roommates.。
“Yes。”Su Xiaoxiao’s smile has become sincere,Some red eyes。
This is in this feudal in Zhang Xiaoxia http://www.aqmprs.cn and Li Ying,But it is dark self-sigh。
Recently,Xiao Yu found them,Ask about things about summer,Three people did not reveal too much,Only suggesting that Xiao Yu’s opponent has a big。
Can now watch Xiao Yu’s look,There seems to have not given up。
Xiao Yu smiles,What did you think of,Summer that has been standing in the corner of the corner,“The boy is your colleague?”
Su Xiaodian nodded,Look at it at the same time,Between the eyes, it can’t say the complexity.。
See her,Xiao Yuki’s smile is more,Curious,“Small,I heard that you have a boyfriend.,No, it is him.?”
Su Xiaoxiao,But I don’t know how to answer.,“This……”
In fact,Su Xiaodia does not deny that there is a good impression on the summer.,Even several times, it is not coming out of autonomy.。
Summer attitude……But http://www.sytkyl.cn let Su Xiaoxue are unable to figure out。
Just when she is hesitant,The sudden scene called Zhang Aifen was surprised.。
“Wow,Baihua Group can be a large group,Small,Which department is your colleague??”
Su Xiaodia is not concealed,“He works in the Ministry of Security。”
Voice is just,Several girls can’t help but laugh。