In order to……Waiting for summer?

Take the initiative?
this……How can it be。
Xue Jiu Tian’s eyes are smashed,In the heart,内 阴 阴。
NS3999chapter Meet
NS3999chapter Meet
In the heart,Xue Jiu Tian can’t see the summer。
Even afraid of the list of Shenfang in the summer,Become a so-called leader of the fire system。
In his eyes, it is just a low-risk scales.。
Do not have a countertop。
Not just he has this idea。
Many self-cultivation,Have similar ideas。
This is a kind of can’t be developed for a long time.。
The advantage of their superiority。
From behind behind。
How is the top of the list?。
It is just the strength of the Tianjun level.。
He now surpasses the fire system,It’s too many strong people who can fire.。
Tian Jun……What is it?!
In their eyes,Even if the fire is not falling,Even if the young generation does not have a rebound genius,Also put it on your own position。
However, now,Five-Taiwanese young generation of the most powerful Lin Feng,It’s so enthusiastic, active and summer makeup。
This makes Xue nine days surprised,At the same time。
What is this kid?!
He doesn’t understand,I also want to pass。
Lin Feng is also a good person,That is to reach the image level,One of the most powerful people。
This person is higher than top,High arrogance,If it is not caught up,He does not colors anyone。
Summer, even if you play good,Divided the power of chaos,But it is only the strength of the Tianjun level.。
Why Lin Feng will be such a attitude。
Next to the unfair,There is also a shock between the look.,Swirring。 Don’t see that they are in the heart, they are some of themselves.,But in the face of Lin Feng, the anti-sky,There is another kind of self-defense。
“summer,Come over,I will introduce you a few friends.。”
Gobian is also awkward。
Summer face smile,Alongside,While holding boxing,“I have seen the brothers and sisters.,Summer courtesy。”
Why,The closer to the right of the fish,Summer will not be controlled with a kind of intimacy。
This feedback makes him a vigilant,There is more curiosity。