“Do you have no chance to use a gun??”Royal wood,

“I don’t know why they can always find us first.,So let us passively,I don’t want to use the gun.。”City original Gui said,
“This is very strange,I can discover in advance of Ninja。”Three Yousyou said,
“General,I don’t think that the army will protect the officers on the list.。”Cheng Tong said,
“Row,Then ask the Royal Wood Director to apply.。”
Because the treasure map is stolen,The expert team is also walked for two days.,During this period, there was no assassination.,San Yousye moved to the Qingyuan home cultivation,At the fifth day, he received a letter.,After reading,He said angry:“It is the letter to Tang Rui.,He said they have returned to China.,Song Jian’s hatred,http://www.guangzhou86.cn I will come to me to revenge in the future.。”
“General,Did they really leave Japan??”The Qingyuan Xiangxue is always taken care of the three tail.,
“Killing the god action group will not say this panic,They should go back in Song Jian.,You see the delivery time of this letter。”Three Yousyou said,
“So they have reached China now.!”
“They are very careful,Worried that we will receive a warship to stop the Cruise ship in advance.,Now they should have reached China。”
“General,Then we have to go to China.?”
“Yes,I should also go back.!”Three ends You Feng touched the arm,
“But your injury is not good yet.。”
“Fragrant snow,My injury is already good.,Let’s go back to Shanghai.。”
“I also follow you to Shanghai。”
“You really want to follow me.?”
“Yes,I must follow you.!”
“Follow me,But you must obey my command.。”
“I promise!”
NS792chapter Chen Mun Group is still a traitor
Santun Youfeng is ready to return to Shanghai,Customized ticket,Royal wood runs to say to him:“Three tails,The emperor is called you,Hurry and pack it.。”
“I want to see me under the emperor.?”Three tails Feng Feng is a stunned question,
“Yes,Because you chase the treasure map and kill the Song Jianli standing up.,The emperor should be to recognize you.。”Royal wood is envious,
San Yousheng has some unknown measures:“What is wrong with recognition,It is important to see that the emperor is http://www.thxxzxx.cn really my honor.!This is also the glory of our family!I am really unable to calmly.!”
“Three tails,I understand your mood.,But you can’t let the emperor have been waiting for a long time.,Still go!”
“it is good!I am packing it.。”
Three tails to wear a clean colors and uniforms came to the Palace to see Yunren,Rui Rui is still very rules, according to Japan’s etiquette,Because you are now three-tailed,An Major General。
Yun Ren is very serious end of the three tail guard a few seconds,Ask:“You are the three tail of You Feng Major?”
Three tails:“Yes,His Majesty the Emperor!The minister is the three tail.。”
“I heard that you are already the Ten Master of the Jian Dao.?”
“I do not know either,But since I learned the Chinese people’s knife,My force is flying.,Mr. Yan Yan,Mr. Fujihara’s ten soldiers, they all http://www.hebzgrs.cnsaid that I have reached the level of Ten paragraphs of the sword.,I don’t want to be wrong.!”