Su Xiaoyu has a strong confession。

Guns quickly stopped。
Everyone is staring in front。
哒 哒 哒。
The footsteps that are not lightweight will sound again。
Summer shape reappeared in people’s sight。
He is still calm,Calm, people feel palpitations,The murderous process in the eyes is substantive.。
More than this。
Take the air within ten meters of the central radius of himself,It seems to have a layer of hidden light gauges,Slowly twisted,Strange pole。
He walked before,More than 100 people are full of face,Actually, after the consciousness。
Five microfaires……He actually did not die?
This……How can this?!
“Let you die easily,It’s so cheap, you have these hybrids.!”
Summer voice is cold,It’s like a sword.,Take a step forward,More than a hundred people seem to feel a slow cross pressure in front of it.。
哒 哒 哒。
Not they want to retreat。
But they have never experienced this sense of compression.。
Not only spiritual,There is also a heavy feeling。
“Today,Laozi wants you thousands of knives!”
His single arm stretch,Wrist shake,One hand is like a knife, the knife is like the sword, the sharp edge appears in the palm。
Dictionary is just a half-footed snake knife,At this moment, he has skyrocketed,It seems that the best weapon in the game,The whole knife is like burning, there is a star point in the spare.。
This is in the eyes of everyone,It’s a strangeness that I have never killed more than just now.。
But there is no one who has an eye.。
For example, Su Xiaoyan,They are all police,More than ordinary people have to understand。
Know that there is a super master in the world。
Also this moment Liu Hu。
He itself practiced qi,Barely have a metaphysical force。
So get more clearly what this scene is forecast.。
That is only the legendary master can do it.……Put the 气 实 实。
至 罡!
For him, this kind of person,It is a god master that belongs to a superman in his eyes.,More than a higher level。
“On,On!Everyone together,Kill him!”
But now it’s now,He can only use an angry big scream to cover the fear of his heart.,“He is alone,Let’s have a hundred people,Kill him!”
Or that sentence,These people have clear what they have done.,Fear,But it is impossible to retreat。