Get up in the morning,Wang Flow is eating breakfast,Zhou Zhixion suddenly called the phone,Wang flows to eat the side:“Who is the other party??Why is it about me??”

“Jiang Chengyu,Father work in the minister,Not low position,Chaamroom,I heard that the next step is very big probability.,In Beijing, the energy is not small,Why do I still don’t know?,but……”Zhou Zhixionteton,Voice a turn:
“Do you still remember Wu Qingdong??”
“Wu Qingdong?”
The king frowned thought,Then suddenly:“Is it the last time I won the Wu Qingdong, who I got the Liangzi, and I got it.?Still remember,what happened,He caught the opportunity to find the company.?”
“That is not,Last time, don’t you let me check the background of his two partners??Jiang Chengyu is one of them。”
Wang traffic eyelid,It’s him?
Item 名 突 找 找 上,What he wants to do??Retrieve the field for Wu Qingdong?Still what other purposes?
Wang Liu silently,Downtry:“What did he say??”
“Others didn’t say anything else,Just say that you want to have a meal together.,Getting acquainted。”
Really just just know??
The king is a little less,Unpredictable,Unequacious,Suddenly coming on the best end,To say that there is no purpose, he can’t believe it.。
“Do you want you to see you??”
Wang traffic,road:“See,You go to reply him,Let him pick the time。”
No matter what the purpose he has,I will know when I meet.。
Zhou Zhixiong replied,Jiang Chengyu immediately sets time and place,Hu Jingliang has fired browns,He also did not delay,Directly in noon,Dedicated room in the hotel,Then notify the king。
Wang flows like an approximate,Zhou Zhixiong is also coming to the middle.。
Two people just entered the door,Jiang Chengyu sent it to the front.:“Total Wang,Long-term name,I finally saw the real people today.。”
“Jiang Shao is polite。”Wang traffic laughs。
Jiang Chengyu pendulum:“Don’t call Jiang Shao,Be too born too much.,Friends are called me,Do not disappear,You call me Chengyu.,Don’t stand,Please sit,You also sit also in Zhou。”
Wang Flow and Zhou Zhi Xiong each fall。
Jiang Chengyu passionately picked up a cup for two people,Introduction to the wine:“I heard the Wang always willing to enjoy the face in the morning.,I am ecstatic.,Specially took two bottles of good wine to come to the host,170Hennessy launched by the anniversary,A bottle of more than 100,000,The money is second,The key is the limited edition,Money is not necessarily to buy,Wang head,How about see。”
Wang flows a wine glass,Good wine, he already drinks countless,It’s good to distinguish it.,Point:“good,Tensful taste。”
Jiang Chengyu haha laughed:“nice! You love it,There are still a few bottles in my family.,Waiting back to send you two bottles slowly drink。”
“I would like to lead me.,But I am not so paying attention to the wine.,Some drink,If you don’t have a knife。”Wang traffic refuses,Direct access:“Jiang Shao is looking for me today.,I don’t know what is there??”
NS369chapter Squake the snake
Speak out,Jiang Chengyu smiles slightly converge,Positive color:“Since the Wang always asked,Then I don’t have a circle.,Today, Toss Wang is admiring.,I want to know,Two is also a help of people……”
Turning,Look at the king:“Hu Jingliang Wang always remember?”