“All sit,Don’t stand。”Xu Gui smiled with Liu Chunlan to solve the surrounding,Then and Zhang Yanrong、Liu Cuiyun、Peng Xue and Wang Fang,Several women do a group,The eyebrows and teasing children,Pinch face,Sway,Playing is not easy。

Wang Meng and Wang Qing two small families next to it,Look at it is still happy。
Wang Zhizhi and Wang Shoujun、Zhang Haifeng and others did it,Let’s talk together。
Wang Shouren took smoke,I just want to scatter for a few people.,Suddenly think of Xiao Wang Ying is still next to,I laughed and put down.:“Child is,No smoking,Let’s drink the water,Let’s talk about it.。”
Wang Shouyi agreed:“Correct,The child is still small,Poor resistance,Whether it should be taken。”
Zhang Haifeng looked at the king,Ridicule:“More than half a year,I feel that you seem to be fat than last time.,I have a stomach.。”
“A bit more entertainment,I can’t do it too.。”Wang Liu。
I have entertainment,Time to exercise is still numbered,Can you get fat?。
Wang Shoujun said:“Know you,But still have to pay attention,The body is the capital of the revolution,But don’t be young and messy.,Otherwise, regret it later.。”
“Do not worry,I have a number in my heart.。”Wang Flow follows。
Wang Shouren laughed:“I listened to the super child.,You are now in addition to the city,Business is all saved?”
Wang Liuqi smile,road:“Not counting,Just hit the opportunity,On the way, spread your business to several other markets.,However, it is only to take some projects in the city.,Other district、The following counties have not been involved yet.。”
“That is also very good.,There are business in each city.,Also do the province,How much business is this?。”Wang Shouren secretly scattered。
Wang Shouyi follows:“Small flow is getting more and more interesting.。”
Wang traffic laughs,I am sitting next to Wang Chao next to it.,He also came back to the New Year.,I saw the world last year.,I have earned some money again.,I look back in the village.,Have a few times with Peng Xue,People are impetuous。
However, this year has the experience of being cheated at the casino.,Nowadays, people have honestly a lot.,I have been listening to it for a long time.,I didn’t dare to insert a sentence.。
Wang Future open topic,If you have a referredity:“During this time, there is no thing in the province.?”
Suddenly asked,Welcome the eyes of the king,Wang Chao is not coming from panic,Laugh:“no,I have been waiting on the site,I will come back directly to the holiday.,The middle door is very small。”
Wang traffic nodded,He also heard several times with Qiu Wanliang,Know that he is still good,It should be learned to the lesson.,Twenty thousand last deductions,But you can also find a chance to give him……Do not,Still also gave the big Peng Xue。
Everyone is hot and lively and eating meal.,Then Xu Guiying、Zhang Xiaoying and others look at the Spring Festival Evening together,Wang Shoujun、Wang Shouren、Wang Shouyi San Brothers,Plus a Zhang Haifeng,Four people are just enough to pay a table mahjong。
Wang traffic is holding a mobile phone,Come all kinds of greetings,The more business is, the greater,More and more people in contact,At the moment,New Year SMS、Telephone set start bombing,It is also very busy with him.。
The next day is still so,In addition to phone,There have also many neighbors in the village.,And the first door to the seven gods that can be done to take some reason.。
Also, the old saying,Poor in the downtown,Rich in the mountains have a distant relative,The king is now getting more and more developed.,I caught the number of people who want to climb their feelings.,Even the town is specially sent a condolence group to come to the meeting.。
The king is not easy to pay,Yu Siyuan called again。
NS344chapter Rebellious teenager
“Secretary,happy New Year。”Wang Duan Shu,Line connected,I wish a sentence。
“You are also happy new year。”Yu Siyuan laughed back to the sentence,Then the voice one turn:“I heard that you are back.?I haven’t seen it for a long time.,It’s rare to come back,if you have time,Sit in the family at noon.。”
“OK,Then I bother。”Wang traffic is alleged,Then I promise the refreshment。
Yu Siyuan as a hand in the county,Active opening invitation,Is this face or give,and,Just payable for half a day,He is really afraid that someone will come.,It’s better to hide early.。
County Committee Courtyard。
Wang flows to say hello,Directly,I found out the door,Yang Yongan is actually,The king is a little surprised:“Old Yang?Are you also??”
Yang Yong’an laughed:“Just come to the Secretary to celebrate the New Year,Just listening to you,Thinking, we haven’t seen you for a long time.,I left my skin.。”
Yu Ziyuan shook his head,road:“Don’t listen to him Hu,I left him hard.,Many people talk to also lively。”