“not found。”Krevo laughs:“But we are found to find something,What do you see?。”Talking between Krevo took out a stone,This stone is a god stone。

Lin Feng heard the lake。
“This is God stone?”Krevo laughs:“I said that the spirit of this is so rich.,It turned out to be the god。”
“Owner,God stone should be able to exchange things.?”Charlie Man is laughing。
“How to exchange things,This is the monetary of the god。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“This is a piece of gratique,Where are you looking for??”
“Actually the money in the god?”Tolsmu,Krevo and others heard the words and shocked。
“good。”Lin Feng nodded:“Where to find it?This is the gods that have not been cut.。”
“Underground discovery,Is a mining area。”Krevo interpretation:“This mine is similar to the uranium mine zone,So I found out。”
“How big is there?”Lin Feng heard the confusion。
“I don’t know this.。”Krow:“Owner,Do you want to take you??”
“it is good,Now with me,correct,Shanbiduzi them?I can’t feel it.?”Lin Feng heard the confusion。
According to Lin Feng is their corpse,Reopeous can also be sensed,But now I can’t induce the orientation of the mountains.。
“Owner,They are now looking at the mining area.,Exploring the resources around the mining area。”Krevo smiled and explained:“I just came back to report.。”
“How far is it far?In which direction?”Lin Feng asked。
“Owner,This is in the northwest direction,Probably3000More kilometers of area。”Krow thoughtfully pointed to the northwest direction。
“Northwest direction?3000Many kilometers?”Lin Feng heard the little loss,Northwest direction?Isn’t that the front line??
“What happened?”Krevo,Tolsmut looked at Lin Feng’s look and doubts.。
“Now the Northwestern City and the gap in the gods are in the northwest direction.,Tolsmu,You are here,Krvo, you follow me with a road.。”Lin Feng suddenly:“I hope that the mountain Ben Yutao will not hit the people of the magic river.。”
“This is not the front line.?”Krevo,Tolsmut and other people’s face mad。
“Who said not,All right,lead the way,go!”Lin Feng directly grabbed Krevo,Then his figure starts with the sky。
“Good owner,Along this direction。”Krvo is interpreted in the cloud group in a group of gods.。
“it is good,I see。”Lin Feng looked at the remote road,His figure is getting faster and faster,With Krevo in the void, it disappeared.。
Fully rush to the northwest direction。
After ten minutes, from the city of Northwestern City,Then continue to the northwest direction.。
“Krevo,Don’t tell me that you are looking for the instrument.。”Lin Feng Road。
“Owner,The god community is amazing,Treasure is everywhere,We started after the last time you left.。”Krevo laughs。
“You are not afraid of being killed by people.?You are really big。”Lin Feng Road,The strength of their strength is also the bottom of the god.,I will kill them at will.。
“Owner,We didn’t think so much,But all the way is very little encountered.,Especially the direction of the city in the northwest,Fewer and fewer。”Krevo interpretation:“However, the people who die on the road are a lot.。”
“I see。”Lin Feng microphone:“Don’t say any more,I have to go all my best.,I hope that the mountain Ben’s East is not encountered by the people of the magic river.。”
Lin Feng continues to speed up the speed。
Dramatic in the way,Disseminate a murder,Dead breath,There is also a city that is completely destroyed.,Resentful。
A long time, Lin Feng’s figure stays next to a mountain,This mountain stretch is over 100 miles,Not very big,Lush on the mountain。