Looking at Hao Peng looked at her,She gently licked her own sexy and charming curly hair.。

She smirks。
New company opened,Children’s wear performance is very prominent。
Their company is originally fashion women’s clothing,But in order to combat the Lu Group,The varieties of their company operates are almost。
Hao Peng ridiculously smiled,Ambiguous,Tone:“Will you only do these chickens??
I thought you were very strong.,Can design your own unique original works,The last plagiarism did not succeed,This time congratulations,Successful。”
kaySmile,God wants to slowly become stiff。
“Pepper,what do you mean?”
So, will he know??
“What’s the meaning?”
Hao Peng joined from the black leather rotation chair,Skew, especially harsh。
kayThe bottom is really uncomfortable。
She does this,It’s all good for the company.。
Previously, the company lost a few billion,In addition to the tens of millions of land,She is really gas,Just want the Lu’s group to lose。
“Pepper,I am in order for the company.。”
She smirks,I am ashamed at all things.。
“For the company?”
Hao Peng is still a laughter。
He likes some despicable means,But never this kind of means。
Both are the resort。
In the plane,He is a polite,Tempered president。
In the back, he can also be a devil-like existence.。
But,Like today’s beloved woman, ask the first time。
he is very angry,very angry。
“Pepper”“Shut up。”
Hao Peng interrupted his words。
kay:“”She frowned,Don’t read him deeply,Make a reason,Strong Lu Hao Cheng,He should not be angry like this is。
Where is the problem??
Hao Peng suddenly looked at her.,“You better pray not to let Luhao Cheng find what a spider silk horset,otherwise,I can’t keep you.,Lu Hao Cheng’s speed,Soon there will be results。”
One mention Lu Haozheng,kayI’m scratching a touch。
“Pepper,how could you do this?
I am a good company.,Lu Haocheng took the way to the place,I just want to do something for the company.。”
“Besides,Do not worry,People selling the Chalk Group is the people in their own company,And we have no relationship,We just account for the opportunity.。”
“A good sentence, a first machine,We really account for a course.,You are also right,This time, Lu Haoge’s seven-tobacco,I’m also very happy,only”Just this thing, let Xinxin think he is a bad person.,Let him very unsatisfactory。
kayDeep look at him deeply。