Wu Qian with tears in her eyes,Chong Xia Jian nodded slightly。Xia Jian took a breath,Turned and walked quickly。He is walking,I glanced at my watch when I walked out of the hospital,He only realized that it was only nine o’clock in the evening。I’m very busy this afternoon,Everyone didn’t even remember the dinner。

For the current bigGZSay,Xia Jian still remembers a little route。He thought for a moment,Settle your stomach first,Then walk and go back。
The night in the big city is never lonely。Xia Jian found a food stall on the side of the street and walked in,Then I found a table where no one was sitting and sat down。
“boss!Let’s have fish-scented eggplant rice,Add another bottle of beer”Xia Jian didn’t wait for the waiter to come over,He has shouted loudly。
There are a lot of people eating here,But the speed of serving him is not slow。His beer and food quickly came up。There is a disposable cup on the opened beer bottle。
Xia Jian poured a beer,And then die,Just started eating。May be because of hunger,A plate of rice and vegetables,I ate it in three or two minutes。He feels like his stomach is still empty,He really wants to have another plate,But I just thought about it。
Palmed up the remaining half bottle of beer,Drank it all in one breath。He felt almost full now。
After paying,Xia Jian asked the waiter where he was going。Waiter,Finger pointing,Xia Jian looked up,Originally standing here,You can see the roof of the hotel where he lives。And there are a few big characters on the roof,Twinkling in the night。
Winter in the south,Still doesn’t feel very cold。Xia Jian took off her coat,Then put it on the shoulder,So he let go and walked towards the hotel where he was staying。
Suddenly there was an urgent sound of footsteps behind him。Xia Jian surprised,He glanced back。I couldn’t help but be surprised。
No one else is following him,Which fat pig with bald head and brain,And he also brought two horses。These three walked out of breath,Seems to catch up all the way。
“Mr. Xia!Our boss wants you to sit down,Show your face!”Without waiting for Xia Jian to speak,Fat pig has rushed to say。
Xia Jian took a breath。He did not expect,Why are these people lingering?。It stands to reason that Wu Qian came forward,It’s a page turning,Then why are they holding on to him??It seems not easy。If he doesn’t meet their boss tonight,Which tomorrow night?
Think about it,He really can see this Sun Da Chong,Otherwise, this matter is really endless。
“Ok!It’s still early,You take me”Xia Jian thought about it,He said to the fat pig。
Fat pig,said laughingly:“Come with me!Our boss is in Yibin Pavilion Tea House”The fat pig said,With a finger on the opposite side of the road。Xia Jian’s heart trembled,It seems that when he comes out,Was targeted by this group。