“I said can you stop a bit,People in their 30s,The child is also in elementary school,Don’t you be afraid that others will laugh at you?”Chen Gui lowered his voice and whispered。

Meizi glanced at Wang Youcai,Said with a cold smile:“You mean you want me to stay with you in my next life?Does that mean?Then don’t think about it”
“Ok!I can see it,Let’s divorce!Wherever you fall in love?But the ugly talk comes to the front,Two kids don’t have your share,Just like you will damage the child”Chen Gui said,Squatted on the ground with anger。
This Chen Gui can be regarded as a good talker in Xiping Village,But in front of my wife Meizi,She was too angry to know what to do,A look of pain。
Wang Youcai watched for a while,I can’t stand it,He laughed and said:“What a big thing,Still making a divorce,Do you say so?”
“Li Li Li!Since he said it,I won’t stick to him”Meizi said,Opened the quilt,Started wearing pants。My days,This woman didn’t even wear pants,She really bullies。Wang Youcai is dumbfounded。
First1271chapter major discovery
Meizi’s ignorance of Chen Gui,Let Wang Youcai have a different view of women。
Chen Gui, who can speak well,The quilt is like a wilted cucumber。Wang Youcai saw the opportunity,His face straightened,Coldly shouted at Meizi:“What is away,How old are you still thinking about this kind of thing。Even if you don’t think about yourself,What about the kid?Ever thought?”
Meizi saw Wang Youcai’s fire,Suddenly he lowered his head and sat there silently。Chen Gui just stood up,He sighed and said:“For this family,Get up early,Don’t think that working in the city is enjoying the happiness。Then you are wrong,I don’t just have to work,Be angry with others”
“OK OK,Don’t tell me this,One sentence,I don’t want to stay at home,I want to go out to work to earn money,To put it bluntly, it’s all for this family,Think about it”Meizi glanced at Wang Youcai,Said to Chen Gui quietly。
Wang Youcai looked at Chen Gui embarrassed,Hehe smiled and said:“what are you thinking?Since Meizi wants to go out,Just let her go!You are in your 30s and you are still afraid that others will snatch you away”
“Hi!I’m not afraid of this。You see my mom is getting older too,Two more kids。If we both go out,What if something happens?”Chen Gui said to Wang Youcai embarrassedly。
Meizi suddenly jumped off the kang,She pointed to Chen Gui’s nose and said:“It seems that what I told you last night was for nothing,Since you are reluctant to lose this job,You go do it!Anyway, you walk on the front foot,I just walk on the back foot”
“What does it mean,Can you make it clear?”When Wang Youcai heard Meizi say this,He quickly asked。
Meizi glanced at Chen Gui,To Wang Youcai:“I don’t want Chen Gui to do it in the city,Which Chen Feng is not something,People like us suffer from dealing with him。So i figured it out,It’s better to get rid of him earlier”