Hu Huiru nodded,No more words。She suddenly unscrewed the bottle cap,I drank two mouthfuls before saying:“You are right about this,It must be checked,As for what kind of Cheng Xi found,I really don’t know this”

“President Hu,I don’t know if I should say something?”Xia Jian stopped suddenly。
Hu Huiru glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Thank you Mr. Xia!Actually you don’t need to say,I also tell you what you want to say。It’s not as simple as you think,I’m afraid I will set aside the carrot,Will knock down a large piece”
Since Hu Huiru said so,Xia Jian didn’t say a word again。The two chatted for a while,Xia Jian said goodbye and got out of the car,Went to the sales center again。
It’s almost noon,Fewer people came to see the room,At a glance, Xia Jian saw Guan Tingna who was lecturing employees。This woman’s eyes are also very bright,She saw Xia Jian all the way。
Guan Tingna walked over quickly,She asked with a smile:“President Xia is here?Please come to my office and sit down“Xia Jian glanced at Guan Tingna,Followed him to the back。
A small house,The decoration is also very simple。But office equipment is readily available,Xia Jian directly sat on Guan Tingna’s large swivel chair。Guan Tingna smiled happily at Xia Jian,And found him two disposable cups,Go together,I made a cup of tea and brought it over。
“From the scene,The sales situation should be good, right?!“Xia Jian asked softly。
Guan Tingna nodded and said:“Judging from the current situation,Really good,I am here to sell the whole building before opening another one。If you let go,May sell more,But this way,There will be many tail buildings“
“You are the best,You decide。I come today,I want to ask you something,What you told me last night,Where did you hear it,You must answer“When Xia Jian said this,,Lowered the voice。
Guan Tingna rushed over,Locked the door from the inside,Then I walked to Xia Jian’s side and said:“President Xia!You can’t make it difficult for me,I told you last night it was for the sake of our group,Of course,If it weren’t for me to care for your face,I won’t tell you this“
”General Guan!Thank you very much for your trust in me,But we must thoroughly investigate this matter。If you feel embarrassed,Just tell me,You heard about this from outside,I heard it from within our group,This should be fine!“Xia Jian lowered her voice and said to Guan Tingna。
Guan Tingna thought for a long time,Finally said something:“I heard it from a friend outside,It’s really not what our group said。This should be fine!“
Xia Jianyi listen,Can’t help but froze。Guan Tingna heard this from someone outside。Then who would this person be?How can she know so much?Xia Jian was confused for a while。