“Ha ha……I take one(yīn)How about Yangxuan Longdan?”

“Four will do。”Diabolo Xueer stretched out her right hand as white and tender as a green onion,Thumbs up and said。
“It took my pains in vain!”Lei Tianzi sighed,Use four(yīn)Yangxuan Dragon Pill Exchange,He can’t take advantage of it,This diabolo Xueer seems to be so young,In fact, I understand better than anyone,Better than Xiao Xiao(jiān)Fraud。
Traveling in the stars in recent years,Lei Tianzi refined more than ten(yīn)Yang Xuan Long Dan,Very heartbroken and took out four to give Diabolo Cher,This completely dispelled the thought of abducting Diabolo Cher,Anyway, not taking advantage of it means losing。
Out of the treasure house,Lei Tianzi said to Xiao Xiao:“remember,After entering the tomb of annihilation,The inheritance of the Wu clan must not leave(shēn)side,In danger,That’s a life-saving thing。”
“Ok,Ok,The three of us go in,There are only two witches’ heritage,Isn’t there a person in danger?”
“You and me are not in danger,(cāo)A lot of heart,It’s just groundless worry。”Lei Tianzi scolded angrily。
Xiao Xiao looked at Emperor Lei angrily,I can’t wait to step forward and beat him up with peach blossoms。
Leave the diabolo family again,Lei Tianzi and others passed directly to the vicinity of the Tomb of Annihilation,I don’t know if the other demon cultivators heard something,Millions of people gathered near the Tomb of Annihilation, where few people came before,Very crowded(rè)Make trouble。
Lei Tianzi just glanced at it and turned(shēn)go away,He uses the Jinpeng family’s stunt teleport spell,Transfer tens of thousands of kilometers in an instant。
Xiao Xiao and Diabolo Xueer came out of the cave and found that they were not near the Tomb of Annihilation,Hurried to ask the reason,Lei Tianzi said:“Diabolo Xueer must have leaked the news,There are tens of millions of immortal cultivators over there。”
“put(pì),I came here from the family in less than a day,It takes several years for tens of millions of immortal cultivators to gather together,Dare you to rely on me?”Diabolo Xue’er pounced with her teeth and claws。
Xiao Xiao looked at the embarrassed look of Emperor Lei,Standing on the side with a trembling smile,In her heart,Must be on the side of the Yaozu,The longer you get along with Lei Tianzi,The more I feel that the king of this human race(jiān)Deceitful。
There must be a difference between Human Race and Monster Race,Those demons who were rescued by Lei Tianzi who did not practice until the infancy stage think that Lei Tianzi is a good person,But Diabolo Xueer and Xiao Xiao are not good people,The contrast of impressions also reveals the entanglement of interests between several people,If Lei Tianzi didn’t take the jumping frog from the Diabolo family,Diabolo Cher’s impression of him is not so bad。
No matter what Diabolo Xueer and Xiao Xiao think of Lei Tianzi,They are still in alliance temporarily。
I gave Xiao Xiao and Diabolo Xueer some spiritual fruit to eat,Lei Tianzi took out the purple orchid and breaking wave umbrella,Chanting words in your mouth for sacrifice,Xiao Xiao and Diabolo Xueer listened attentively for a long time, but they didn’t understand what Lei Tianzi meant.。
With the sacrifice of Lei Tianzi,Purple orchids gradually changed,The original dull and dull appearance has been enveloped in color,There is a halo floating up and down。
Lei Tianzi said to Xiao Xiao:“Hurry up and enter the area covered by witch curses to bathe,Will be protected by the witch curse。”
“Bathe?Need to undress?”Xiao Xiao hugged her shoulders as if frightened and said,There is shock in the eyes and a certain sense of expectation。