“Zuo Zhi,I know who she is better than you。”Wang Yi has a look of contempt,“You are a fool。”

“What do you mean?”I was secretly surprised,With an ominous premonition。
“She called me last night,Tell me she has 300,000 in the card,If you ask,Let me help lie to you。”Wang Yi is serious。
“What you said is true?”I immediately froze on the spot。
“Why did i lie to you?”Wang Yi’s mouth has a hint of sarcasm,“She won’t really give me 300,000。”
I feel like I was struck by lightning,Cold forehead,Tingling of limbs。
“Hi,How about let’s make a deal?”Wang Yi said suddenly。
Chapter Four transaction
“What transaction?”I asked in shock。Since she said so,There must be a reason and bargaining chip!
“You tell me,What did she say I got the three hundred thousand,Then I tell you a secret about her。”Wang Yi said calmly。
I stood up hesitantly,Mentally judging,Is her words true or false?。
What does Wang Yi mean??
How credible are her words?
Although what she said is true,but,Before there is no evidence,I can’t betray my wife?
See me hesitate,Wang Yi curled her mouth,“Zuo Zhi,Do you think i’m lying to you,Deliberately ruining your relationship?”