Yi Jiayi and others have no adventures,I’ve been living peacefully in the city,Meet the neighbors,Because of their high level of cultivation,Quit several incidents of neighbors being bullied by strong men,Also established some prestige locally。

The three sisters of the Hua family are most concerned about Emperor Lei,I wanted to punish Qian Qian after meeting,Later, it was discovered that Qian Qian was already a strong man in the realm of Gods,I’m not willing to let go of the gap,They don’t know if they can take advantage of Qianqian’s trouble。
Emperor Lei said to Yi Jiayi:“Go and ask our neighbors,Those who are willing to go to the Three Realms go together,Unwilling,Still live in Jumu City,Can you give them a billion fairy crystals as a chance to break up expenses?!”
Although the immortal cultivators here in Jumu City are not high,But the society is relatively stable,Many people live and work in peace,Few people are willing to take risks。
In the end, the Lei Tianzi family left Jumu City,Go through the teleportation array to the cave that entered the ancient sky continent from the Samsara Cliff,A cultivator may not find his way in the dark,Lei Tianzi has Lei Wang Chaonao in his hands,Computer memory is mechanical,Every piece of data remains fairly complete,Lei Tianzi stood in the operation cabin of the deserted ship,Bring up data from more than thirty years ago,Autopilot mode is set。
One year later,They finally broke out of the boundless darkness,The scope is still the cliff of reincarnation,But not the point where they entered the dark passage,Changed to a strange place。
Emperor Lei called out Qian Qian and others,Standing on top of a mountain,After confirming that this is the space of the Three Realms,Send a message to Qiao Huiru through Lei Wang Chao Nao。
Half an hour later,Qiao Huiru responded to a message:“Don’t read about your family,Looking forward to return。”
See these eleven words,Lei Tianzi instantly felt that his chest was about to burst,It feels good to be a family,Even if separated by thousands of mountains and rivers,Missing is still a bitter fruit like the beginning of love,So fresh,So unforgettable。
Tianzi Lei knows that there is a secret teleportation array at home,A big hole was dug in a barren land in a wilderness 30 million kilometers away from Samsara Cliff,Constructed a teleportation array connecting the home,Bringing Hehua Qiong and others from this teleportation formation back to Jiansumen’s home in an instant。
After meeting the family,Lei Tianzi told the legendary story after leaving,Qiao Huiru didn’t mean to blame,Just say that the immortal cultivators in Outer Space did not infringe on their territory,The Terran cultivator did not reach out to the battlefield,The second world has not changed much。
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Chapter Three Hundred and Forty Seven Battle God’s Domain
Lei Tianzi brought back so many powerhouses in God’s Domain,Suddenly strengthened,Even the head Gu Duowei came to visit Zhu Kemi and others upon hearing the news,Very polite。