Over,Director Xiao is really going to leave。

Fan Xiaoxuan sneered,“Deserve it!”
But the next moment,The person from the personnel department said with a smile:“Congratulations to Director Xiao,starting today,You officially become our senior host of Dongsheng Entertainment,Your senior host title application,We have submitted the host association,You can get the senior host certificate in ten days at the latest。”
Xiao Yang was slightly taken aback。
Kaohsiung and Fan Xiaodong are completely confused。
Zhao Xueyi’s face is also incredible。
Senior host?
Skipped the two-year assessment period,Can anyone tell us what is going on?
Kaohsiung hurriedly said:“Did you make a mistake?How could Xiao Yang’s application pass??The host association is absolutely impossible to approve!”
The person in the personnel department frowned:“Director Gao,Please don’t question the company’s decision。”
Kaohsiung’s face changed。
The person from the personnel department went on to say:“The company’s board of directors has passed the decision,The host association has also approved。”
Kaohsiung shocked:“This……How can this be?”
Fan Xiaodong looked suspicious,“what the hell is it?How could President Wang approve?”
The person in the personnel department said:“just now,Chairman Wang of the Hosts Association has resigned,Chairman Song is now the chairman of the association。”
The faces of Kaohsiung and Fan Xiaodong changed dramatically。
Chairman Wang……Resigned?