“it is good,I drink!”

Zhao Xueyi’s gurgling toast is clear and audible。
“Hehe,Director,Sorry,We only have one position missing from the logistics department,Do you want to try?”That man joking。
Xiao Yang snorted coldly,Got up and went out。
First22chapter The threat of Kaohsiung
Next room。
Except for Zhao Xueyi and Mrs. Zhao Xueyi,Two more people,One man and one woman,Male in his early thirties,Head upright,Human-like,There are only more than 20 women,Red lips flame,Hot body。
There are three empty wine glasses in front of Zhao Xueyi,Flushing,His wife looks distressed。
That man is Director Gao,He saw Zhao Xueyi not talking,Go on:“Director Zhao,Logistics of our program group,The salary is much higher than the radio。”
Zhao Xueyi’s face is pale。
Director Gao smiled:“in fact,The program group still lacks a planning group。”
Zhao Xueyi and his wife can’t help showing excitement,Leader of the planning team,The salary is more than ten times his current salary。