It seems that there is no accurate information about a series of recent events,Yaozu is also turning black and white,The inversion of black and white on the human side is also very powerful,The truth is always because of the position、The interest issue is covered up。

The fact is:Gui Bugui surrendered to Emperor Lei,And soon became part of the brave and vigorous Thunder Team,Zhu Kemi has successfully ascended the throne and became emperor,Wang Zhang and Zhang Shengwu are convinced,Dedicated allegiance to the new emperor。
This is the real fact,Fully in line with the details of the statement issued by Lei Tianzi。
Under the leadership of Lei Tianzi,There have been many dazzling events,Even the new emperor Zhu Kemi was extremely impressed:“This man is not only capable of mastering the situation,And the skill of long sleeve dance,Really love it,This is my lover,My dependence。”
Zhu Kemi is successfully enthroned,But the social order of Xianyuan Country is not as happy and peaceful as it seems on the surface,The voices against the Zhu family’s imperial power are high,Social conflicts are more acute、concentrated,All aimed at Zhu Kemi to expand。
In the past, even Lei Tianzi and Yaozu bosses had guessed it:“Zhu Kemi’s foundation is too shallow,Can’t suppress this world。”
What happened next was going on in secret,Gather hundreds of millions at every turn、The situation of tens of billions of troops at war is no longer happening,Most people are blinded,The struggle moved from the surface to the underground。
Bai Zhiling and Zhu Yuanlai became the royal ministers,Take over the rights left by Huang Chi and Meng Kenfang,Skyrocketing strength。
Lei Tianzi is still busy collecting Gui Bugui’s troops,The sergeant who has just returned is not very comfortable with the style of Team Thunder,It takes time to train and run in。
Zhu Kemi has put down the rebellion,The first major thing to do is to bury the first emperor Zhu Yuanqi。
If it’s a casual cultivator in the realm of Gods,Even in life,He must have been unknown when he died,No need to burial with fanfare,More worried about the tomb being excavated,I don’t even know where the cemetery is。
Zhu Yuanqi is different,He is an emperor,Windy and glorious,After you die, you have to be buried in beautiful scenery,This is a matter of etiquette,It’s also the time when Xianyuan Country demonstrated its powerful force,Not only can’t be sloppy,Must show the royal majesty,This thing can shock the world。
Zhu Yuanqi’s funeral was held one month after Zhu Kemi became the throne。
Tianzi Lei has been very busy,He handed over the military affairs to Gui Bugui,Lei Tianzi took Gui Bugui’s hand and said affectionately:“Brother Gui,I’ll leave it to you for military affairs,I’m really too busy to do this business。”
“His Majesty,Please rest assured,The minister must live up to his trust,Gui Bugui has been grateful to the emperor for his way of rectification,Even if I was against the emperor before,From now on,Gui is not a ghost,Conquer the world for the emperor。”
At this time, Gui Bugui became his own,Tianzi Lei also told this monster clan powerhouse about his identity。
According to the position,The Lei Tian Zi’s Lei Tian is more important than the emperor Zhu Ke Mi serves,More magnificent、The vibe of the world,But Lei Tianzi belongs to the king living in a foreign land,Naturally, he won’t openly reveal his identity,So as not to be teased,I must know the inside story,This is also a kind of trust。
Lei Tianzi releases Gui is not a ghost is the tolerance of the flesh,Did not severely punish Gui Bugui,Making a statement is spiritual liberation,Let Gui Bugui be able to walk upright in front of others,This kind of dual liberation of spirit and flesh makes Gui Bugui grateful,It’s not that everyone has such good luck,The probability of winning the jackpot was met by Gui Bugui,Since then,He is loyal to Lei Tianzi。
This is how Lei Tianzi conquered the enemy,If you can’t clean it from body to mind at the same time,He didn’t worry about surrendering himself and all his wealth to a former enemy。