one afternoon,I am hesitating,resentment,Through cursing and grief。

The person who sent money to Zhou Rui’s bank card,Not just one,It’s the fucking two!
I have decided to divorce her。
I cannot accept this kind of marriage。
And Zhou Rui said when he left at noon,Go home with me this afternoon,See if it’s five o’clock,She didn’t go home at all。
This made me into despair。
I opened the wine cabinet at home,Bring out half a bottle of Gujing Gong。
This bottle of wine was half a year ago,When Zhou Rui’s father came,Bought it for money。
Unscrew the cap,When I was getting ready to get drunk,suddenly,the phone is ringing。
I took a look at the phone,It’s Chen Zhifei。
This guy runs a small building materials company,By oneself,Gain a foothold in this city,Is a role model for us outsiders。
“Hey。”I pressed the answer button。
“Zuo Zhi,Come for a drink tonight,I called a few college classmates,Imperial House 308。”Chen Zhifei finished,Don’t wait for my promise,Hung up。
Maybe it’s because he wants to call someone again。
I am upset,Something like this happened at home,I didn’t want to go,But after thinking,Still decided to go。
Because I saw the wedding photos hanging on the wall,I won’t be angry。
Put on clothes,Hit a car,I went directly to the Emperor’s Residence。
This is an upscale hotel,At the company’s annual meeting last year,I have been here once。
The food didn’t feel particularly delicious,But it’s really grand。
Opened the door and entered three zero eight,Five or six classmates have been seated。