He and Hongyan are boy and girl friends,He didn’t respond,Why should I worry about eating radish?

When I was hesitating to leave。
Suddenly heard a heart-piercing sound from the room。
then,Is the familiar melody。
“Zuo Zhi,Rush in!”A voice in my ear。
Suddenly turned his head,I actually found Yao Yun standing beside me。
“Rush in,Save people!”Yao Yun shouted。
Chapter Sixty Six Save people
After listening to Yao Yun,The flame just extinguished in me,Burning again。
I lift my leg,Kick on the door。
Door Wensi did not move。
I kicked up one foot after another。
It’s like riding my dad’s broken motorcycle that doesn’t catch fire easily。
suddenly,A guy wearing only a piece of underwear opened the door,He glanced at me,“What are you doing?”
I can’t think about it,Kicked on the door again。
A man in underwear is unstable,Backed up a few steps。