Epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and re -production two hands grasped Yuanzu to escort food safety

In the past two years, the repeated epidemic has gradually realized that the food industry as a traditional defensive investment field, its configuration value is gradually prominent with the development of the market. Company competitors have gradually attracted more attention from more people.

Yuan Zuchi was created in 1981 and was a well -known brand of baking categories. Yuanzu’s main baked foods include cakes, Chinese and Western pastries (including moon cakes, rice dumplings, etc.), fruits and other products, which are favored by consumers with rich taste, high value, refined packaging and other advantages. At the same time, since the company’s listing in 2016, after forty years of industry cultivation, it has already owned nearly 700 offline stores and spreads throughout the major cities in China. It is a well -known delicious gift master.

This year, the Shanghai epidemic was fierce. Under the pressure of the epidemic, Yuanzu, a part of Shanghai, also actively responded to the national epidemic prevention and control requirements and opened a home office model. The epidemic will pass, and the dawn of hope is gradually becoming clear. Yuan Zu ushered in a new opening after the epidemic and opened a new journey.

After this epidemic, while re -production is carried out in an orderly manner, Yuanzu offline stores also pay more attention to food environment problems.

A good consumer environment can not only rest assured that consumers can eat, but also make Yuanzu sell with peace of mind. Therefore, the first thing after Yuanzu resumed work was to start a new round of disinfection. The new shops, starting from every detail, do not miss any corner. Yuan Zu was waiting for the arrival of every Yuanzu friend with a passionate attitude.

Epidemic prevention, Yuanzu is in action. As a chain store, it is the promise of Yuanzu’s commitment to consumer health as a brand as a brand, and it is also a key period for Shanghai companies as a brand as a brand.

From Tongzhou Road Store to Gangxiang Leisure Plaza store, and to Jinlong New Street Store, regular disinfecting every day has become a daily work of Yuanzu! Epidemic prevention, cautious more assured. Each back of bowing down and bent over and wipe carefully. From the resumption of work, every day I insist on the healthy card of today: from the front door, to the shelf, to the back kitchen, the inside and outside , Make the protection more thorough.

Health, everyone is working hard.

For a long time, Yuanzu has been committed to creating a healthy, delicious, and stories. The achievements make the connection between people a more close mission. It is hoped that as a delicate gift master to tell a story of Yuanzu, courteous and polite. In addition to making the product innovation and taste more satisfied, Yuanzu also hopes to create a better and secure consumer environment for consumers. Gourmet is a culture, and baking is a kind of temperature with temperature. Yuanzu is a temperature -conscious enterprise, producing foods with temperature.

While enjoying deliciousness, don’t ignore the group of temperature and cute staff behind them. It is their efforts to make each other more lucky and warm. Disclaimer: The market is risky, you need to be cautious when choosing! This article is for reference only, and does not make a basis for buying and selling. Key words:.