Baiyun District CPPCC conducts visits to do practical things for enterprises to relieve difficulties

  On May 19, the reporter learned from Baiyun District that the CPPCC of the Baiyun District made full use of its functional advantages, solidly carried out visiting activities in the enterprise, followed up and implemented the policy of benefiting enterprises, and to relieve their difficulties for enterprises. Since the beginning of this year, the Baiyun District CPPCC has visited more than 50 companies and submitted 3 research reports. Since the beginning of this year, in accordance with the "Work Plan for the In -Deeping of Baiyun District Leading Cadres in the Enterprise Visiting Activities", "One -on -one" in the "one -on -one" of the county -level leading cadres of Baiyun District, the work plan for the Chamber of Commerce and the Private Enterprise "," Baiyun District Major Project Key Project Key Protection In the "Implementation Plan", the CPPCC of Baiyun District carried out a solid visit to the enterprise, understood the difficulties in the production and operation of enterprises, followed the implementation of the policy of reducing the burden of enterprises, and helped enterprises to coordinate issues through the CPPCC channels.

The district drafted the "Implementation Plan for the Enterprise Activity of the Visiting Commissioners" in the Baiyun District CPPCC. Good members contact the service.

  For some companies reflected in business activities, cases that have filed a lawsuit through judicial channels have issues such as long period of time, property preservation measures to cause operating impacts, and difficulty in applying for recovery. Investigation of the business environment, organize district courts, district procuratorates, district industry and industry agencies, district industry and commerce federations and other seminars. For the enterprise reflection, the relevant departments are requested to interpret doubts, conduct diagnosis of the rule of law, provide corresponding legal aid, and actively provide enterprises for enterprises. Drip trouble. In response to the field of construction and real estate, the Baiyun District CPPCC established a working leadership group, visited various construction enterprises and housing enterprises in the region, learned about the production and operation of enterprises, and organized a dispatch meeting and negotiating meeting many times. The "List of Government -Enterprise Consultation" construction and real estate industry issues was transferred to the district government and arranged special meetings for research. As of now, collecting 22 issues to government departments have been collected and sorted out, 12 have been solved, and the rest are being solved in an orderly manner. In order to help the company where the CPPCC members are in the company to solve the difficulties and problems encountered in production and operation, the Baiyun District CPPCC leads the organization. Corporate owners and individual industrial and commercial households help them solve the problem of financing difficulties encountered in development. (Wang Jing reporter Liang Jing).