Economic globalization has entered a new stage of twists and turns development

A more dangerous tendency is a tool for the overall alienation of economic globalization into an international political game. Individual countries use the division of labor and mutual dependence brought by economic globalization, leveraging greater political, economic, military, security and other interests. Essence Text/Han Liqun Editor/Wu Meina’s era of great changes, the confrontation between the two aspects of the world’s two aspects will intensify, and with various turmoil and twists and turns, the same is true of economic globalization. At present, in the background of a century -old change, economic globalization has entered a new stage of more tortuous development.

The five major necessary conditions for economic globalization must understand the past, present and future of economic globalization. First of all, we must first understand the five necessary conditions it achieved: peace, openness, Unicom, diversity, development and justice. War is the main factor that hinders economic globalization. To promote economic globalization, it is necessary to ensure a relatively peaceful international environment. It can not have a global war like World War I and World War II. Direct and severe armed conflicts.

  In order to achieve economic globalization, sovereign countries must openly open the border, including reality and virtual aspects, and allow personnel, commodities, capital, technology, and information to communicate between borders.

The management of sovereignty countries must abide by certain international rules and practices.

  After opening up the border, there must be infrastructure with the exchanges of carrying elements so that economic globalization can move.

For centuries, one of the goals that humans have been tirelessly pursue are better and more convenient ways to connect.

The opening of maritime routes, the improvement of the efficiency of land on land, and the breakthrough of aviation technology have greatly promoted the development of economic globalization each time. The development of virtual Unicom technologies such as financial information exchange, capital delivery, and database sharing has also excavated new huge space. Cutting off any of the main trunk facilities will have a serious impact on economic globalization.

The way to cut off any country’s use of these facilities may lead to the country’s main road from economic globalization.

  Explore the unknown world, gain more wealth, and promote the early development of economic globalization.

In the modern world, the purpose of economic globalization is to achieve higher resource allocation efficiency.

Personnel, commodities, capital, technology, information and other elements flow among the country, and achieve higher returns with the help of market differences. This difference is both reflected in the endowment of resources, but also the differences in social systems, the level of development, and the diversity of cultural customs.

  Development is the main purpose of actively supporting economic globalization and participating in economic globalization. The most important "international contribution" of economic globalization should be to narrow the gap between the north and the south, so that countries around the world shared the results of development and achieve more comprehensive and balanced development.

In this sense, economic globalization must allow more participants to see the hope of development and progress in order to be regarded as justice and can get more and more supportive support.

Defending forces are accelerating the accumulation of these conditions. The smooth progress of economic globalization requires a set of fair, fair and efficient governance systems and infrastructure.

Unfortunately, the global governance system that has been established in the international community has been incomplete, and it has been repeatedly impacted in recent years. As a result, various destructive forces have been continuously accumulated and have a serious impact on economic globalization. The first is to destroy the power of peace. Throughout human history, especially in modern world history, the most hated world is the various forces that deliberately destroy peace.

The destroyer or directly create a conflict by himself, or to make the country be bad or encouraged to resort to force. What is worse is to let many countries get involved in disputes and sit on their own. The result of destroying peace, manufacturing conflicts, and expanding war must be that the creatures are coated with charcoal, the mountains and rivers are crushed, and the social retrogression. The second is to destroy the power of openness. This is the main factor that hinders economic global development since the 2008 international financial crisis.

In recent years, the gap between the rich and the poor in many countries, the solidification of the class, and the intensification of social contradictions. Related by this, the aggressive of populism, extracurricularism, isolationism, and extremism. From the forum to politics, as soon as it came to power, he proposed various extracurricular policies, requiring to withdraw from international organizations, close the domestic market, and cut off communication channels. The destructive impact of these practices on economic globalization is not only present in the present, but also in people’s expectations for economic globalization. In the face of these trends of thoughts and even the popularity, and the corresponding political forces came to power, many people began to doubt the future of economic globalization, and even believed that economic globalization was ending.

  The third is to destroy the power of Unicom.

Economic globalization is a historical trend that is difficult to stop, but it is also fragile, and it depends on the various bridges that it depends on. At present, under the impact of the new coronary pneumonia, people’s exchanges around the world are blocked, the prices of commodities fluctuate violently, and the global industrial chain and trade chain are forced to be restructured. For private interests, some countries try to use the infrastructure of economic globalization as a tool that threatens other countries, deprive the right of use in other countries, and nakedly destroy the process of economic globalization.

  Fourth, the power of destruction of diversity.

Market differences and diversification constitute the initial motivation of economic globalization, but the pursuit of profit has made capital trying to pursue standardization. Get up, reduce additional costs and uncertainty caused by diversification. This brings the sharp contradictions of "where the standard is unified", and the long -term contradictions such as ideology have been superimposed, which has exacerbated the dispute of international politics and has also made economic globalization a critical object of many people. Fifth, destroying the power of development and justice.

The emergence of various new technologies and new industries, while improving productivity, also shows strong monopoly and monopoly characteristics. Once some breakthrough technologies are monopolized, they often quickly lead to wealth concentration and deprive others of development opportunities.

Some countries are the first opportunities for the development of exclusive development to strictly block the frontier technology of other countries. Under the complex situation, the window for common development and balanced development has narrowed, and international competition is becoming more and more intense. At the same time, the connotation of the era of development rights is constantly being adjusted. The contradiction between the rights of development, the right to survival, and the right to discharge is becoming a new content of the North -South relations and an important factor that hinders the globalization of the economy. If economic globalization has led to the increase in north -south gaps, it will not only be not conducive to the healthy development of economic globalization, but also erode the justice of economic globalization.

Compared with these five destructive forces, the overall alienation of economic globalization is a more dangerous tendency is a tool for the overall alienation of economic globalization into an international political game. Dependence, leveraging greater politics, economy, military, security and other interests. For example, the division of labor cooperation has greatly improved the efficiency of allocating resources worldwide. In order to achieve higher growth and achieve faster development, many countries actively establish a domestic economic system that supports the world market. At the same time, the changes in international politics are becoming more and more sensitive. Once its external communication bridges are cut off, they may fall into a serious crisis.

In the face of this sense of crisis, some countries choose to balance efficiency and security and strengthen the security defense line; some believe that the world will not fall into turbulence, get farther and farther in the track of pursuing efficiency, and the security line is extremely weak.

  One thing that needs to be alert is that the international community does not have the central government, and the many infrastructure, international rules, and international standards that economic globalization relies on. In fact, they are in the hands of some countries or national groups. Fund, technology, information, and so on. For these countries and groups, it is a huge temptation to use its advantageous position to "harvest" economic globalization, control international political trends, and obtain greater benefits. And this will not only destroy the reputation of these countries, but also the justice of economic globalization, and it is likely to change the basic trend of economic globalization in a considerable period of time. (Author is an associate researcher at the Chinese Institute of Modern International Relations) Source: The 10th issue of "Global" magazine published on May 18, 2022, "Global" magazine authorized. If you need to reprint, please contact this magazine.

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