The target price of Weilu Group reaches the "buy" rating for the first time at 18.5 Hong Kong dollars

Anxin International Securities (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. has recently adjusted the target price of Hong Kong stocks to Hong Kong dollars per share, and gives the first time to buy rating. Anxin International believes that the development potential of Latin America is huge, which is the long -term profit growth momentum of Weilu Group.

On the 27th, Weilu Group fell slightly to Hong Kong dollars, which was about 35%of the target price. The reporter noticed that the stock price of Weilu Group rose 118%last year, and this year rose%. It is reported that in 2021, Weilu Group injected into the Latin America market through assets. The University of Green Nada was the first project of Weilu Group in Latin America.

To this end, the first stage of the Weilu Group was given 5,000 sets of immigration in the local government for sale, each with an average price of about 220,000 US dollars, which is expected to bring a $ 1.1 billion income to the company. High -quality universities will provide a stable source of leasing for the university urban project apartment, and the rents of the apartment will also be guaranteed to a certain amount of rents.

Anxin International believes that Latin America’s business is the new growth momentum of Weilu Group. By building a student apartment and self -sustaining to earn rental income, it can also transfer apartment industry rights to sell Green Nada’s investment immigration quota to earn one -time income. In addition, Weilu Group also has suitable investment projects in other Caribbean countries and Panama, such as new energy BOT projects, sewage treatment projects, cultural tourism projects, etc. The profit model is estimated to be similar to the Green Nada student apartment project. The group’s long -term profit growth momentum. Label:.