Harbin Shangzhi Municipal People’s Government Today, the city-level leader participates in the city people’s capital election day voting

On November 15th, the representative of Shangzhi City election county and township two people representatives concentrated on voting day.

Liu Haitao, secretary of the municipal party committee, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, Zhang Chao, Director of the Municipal People’s Congress, Nie Junqing, the Municipal People’s Congress, Zhang Xingguo, the chairman of the Municipal Association, with ordinary voters, in the first voting station of Shangzhi Town Organ Committee, the first voting station, the solemnity vote .

Chi Jin Tao, Ma Qimen, Cui Yuguo, Li Haidong, Yan Jinghui, Liu Linghao, Du Zhaoheng, Wei Chunlei, Guo Haibo, Hui Dapeng, Liu Xi Cheng, Wang Weiling, Taimu Li, Yu Dehua, Meng Xiangji, Liu Fengjun, Wang Yongzhi, Liu Jingfeng, Zhang Jun, Guo Wenrui, Gaichun came, Zhang Rui and other municipal leaders participated in voting elections in their respective selection.

In this concentrated voting day, there are 100 county-level constituency, 343 polling stations; 439 voted selection, 567 voters, 787 flow tickets, to ensure that every voter exercises your own democracy Elect the right. The election of this person will result in 236 county-level people representatives, and 1123 in the county people.

During the voting election, the municipal leaders took the team to sink to the package of the towns and towns to supervise the election work. (Source: Shangzhi City Information Center).