China Medical Road and Heavenly One – 2020 Conchit Hall Spring Argument Conference

  "Confucian Four Seasons Argument" is jointly hosted by the International Confucian Federation, Guangming Daily and Guiyang Kong Xuetang Culture Communication Center, a total of four in four seasons, inviting experts from customers at home and abroad to start the hot topic of the times, and launched the perspective of Chinese traditional culture. Free argument.

  In 2020, a sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic swept across the country.

Since the epidemic, General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized "adhering to Chinese and Western medicine", "adhere to the combination of Chinese and Western medicine." In this anti-necklace pneumonia epidemic, Chinese medicine has played an important role and affects far and overseas.

In late March, the news of "100,000 boxes of flowers to support Italy" is not in the network; on April 14, a group of foreign media reporters interviewed in Wuhan came to Wuhan Chinese Medicine Hospital to understand Chinese medicine. The role played in the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia. The experience of Chinese medicine treatment of neoguan pneumonia is being providing Chinese experience and Chinese wisdom for the international community, and promotes the construction of human fate community. Chinese medicine is an important part of China’s excellent traditional culture.

In 2020, Kong Xuetang Spring Annual Conference was the theme of "Chinese Medical Road and Heaven and Man", invited Professor Zhang Danning, National Medical Medicine Experience, Guo Qi Yong, Dry Chunsong, and Wu Zi, and Wu Qi, and Wu Qi, and Wu Qi Yong. Qionghai, Beijing, Shanghai four places to take remote video connection, jointly circulating the relationship between Chinese medicine in this hassry, the relationship between Chinese medicine and traditional culture, how traditional medicine and modern medicine complementary and other content launches.