Chongqing Yinnan Creatures join hands in the production of the Sichuan University to obtain the national technology invention award

  On the morning of November 3, the 2020 National Science and Technology Award Conference was held, and 9 projects in Chongqing won the National Science and Technology Award.

Among them, the "Olissa asymmetrical Catalytic Full Synthetic Key Technology and Industrialization" project completed by Chongqing Yen Biology and Sichuan University has obtained the second prize of national technology inventive awards. The National Technology Invention Award is one of the highest awards in the science and technology field. It is awarded a reward for scientific and technicians and organizations who have made outstanding contributions to national scientific and technological progress and economic and social development. It is understood that "Olissa asymmetrical catalytic full synthesis key technology and industrialization" project adopts full synthetic process route and technology, overcoming traditional technical defects, and improves the quality of drug quality and reduces cost and three waste emissions. The asymmetric catalytic hydrogenation technology was first applied to the production of chiral drug intermediates, and formed one of the pharmaceutical projects of more than 300 tons of production capacity.

  Orly, he contained four chiral centers, which were highly technical barrier drug varieties in industrial manufacturing. Yuenean Biology and Sichuan University jointly carry out product research and development, jointly introduce international high-end talents, jointly cultivated professional and technical personnel, etc. Steps to synthesize production processes, and achieve industrialization, this is also the epitome of current school-owned cooperation to promote scientific and technological achievements to social benefits. It is reported that there are three ways to develop research and research in schools and Sichuan University and Chongqing University: First, jointly carry out product research and development; the second is to jointly introduce international high-end talents; third is joint training professional and technical personnel, some of the cultivation of moietary pharmaceutical industry Talents are also doctoral students in colleges. They also break through the technical difficulties of product development while completing doctoral thesis.