Harbin Bayan County added a high-risk area

People’s Network Harbin September 25 (Yang Xuenan) On September 25th, Harbin City responded to the adjustment of some regional risk levels of Harn County in Harbin.

According to the relevant provisions of the State Council’s joint defense mechanism, the Municipal Command is determined by the expert consultation team, and the city’s headquarters decided, from September 25, the Sub-regional residential office of Xinglong Forestry Bureau, Xinglong Town, Harbin City is adjusted to High-risk areas, Bayan County Xinglong Town (Shoulong Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. Sub-district Office) Limin Home Community, Anminjiayuan Community, Anmin New City Community, Henglong Garden Community A, Cultural Jiayuan Community, Xinglin Seventh Commission, Xinglong Forestry Building 1 Building, Building 1, Xinglong Forestry Bureau, Ping An No.1, Bayan County Xinglong Forestry Bureau Community Health Service Center is no longer set as a medium-risk area.

The risk level of other regions is constant.

Adjustment After Harbin High-risk Zone: Bayan County Xinglong Town Xinglong Forest Office Co., Ltd. Sub-district Office.

China-risk zone 1: Nangang District Aida 88 Community.

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