Comprehensive news: Guangdong won the Sichuan wins from Shanghai Lic Xinjiang stop

  Xinhua News Agency Jinan January 13 (Reporter Xiaohechuan) 2020-2021 China Men’s Basketball Professional League (CBA) conducted the last 4 games of the 29th round of the regular season. Guangdong’s latterness has to take advantage of Sichuan to get two consecutive victories. Shanghai has a rebellion of the end of Xinjiang, stopping two losses.

Guangsha and Tianjin defeated Fujian and Tonghao, respectively.

  The victory of the Guangdong team has been a bit twice. They attacked the firepower in the first half, and the Sichuan team is leading 51:48 at the end of the Sichuan team. But in the second half, the Guangdong team shows extremely strong prevention and adjustment.

After entering the last day, the Sichuan team became more and weak. The Guangdong team dominated the game, eventually defeated Sichuan at 114: 88.

Li Yuanyu’s 14 points is the highest in the Sichuan team. The Guangdong team scored 5 people, and Ren Junfei 25 points the highest, and the defender Hu Mingxuan has 15 points and 10 rebounds.

  The turning point of the competition in Xinjiang and Shanghai occurred in Section III. At the beginning of the competition, the leader of Xinjiang is frequent, the outer line is cold, and the penalty basket is biased, so that the victory balance gradually biased toward the opponent. The more and more brave Shanghai team took the trick of the Xinjiang team at the end of the end, with 110: 97 Lectra opponent, walked out of the two-game losing shadow.

This game, the hit rate of less than 30% of Xinjiang has a 31-point and 21 rebounds of Motte Anas. Frey Dad and Deng Meng teamed up for 62 points for Shanghai.

  In the face of Guangsha, Fujian, which is not hi, quickly reveals the failure, the first battle, the opponent is behind 18:41.

Then, the two Fujian team barely sustain the division and did not continue to pull the big, the end of the festival and the net loss 16 points, and finally 101: 139 lost to Guangsha. In addition to Chen Linjian, Nixerson, Gaosunda, other players of Fujian team showed lack of good deeds.

Guangsha has 5 people to score double. Ru Du Lac is 30 points, 11 assists, 13 rebounds of "three pairs" performance. Tongyu was ranked at the bottom of Tianjin pulled down the horse.

Tianjin This is in the style of hand, and the whole team three-pointer 32 times shot 16 hits. With the advantage of the winner winning 17 points, Tianjin will win at 106: 94. Tongyu foreign aided martary hazel cut the highest 35 points with 13 rebounds. On the 14th, the 30th round of three games will be conducted. Zhejiang against Beijing, Dragon and Lion met Shanxi, Shenzhen battle Liaoning.