[Deep Infection] "Pig Mother" happy life

  Editor’s note: On the road to poverty, more and more poor households passed the government guidance, policy support and their hardworking hands from poverty, and walked into the road.

", With a freshly poverty story, telling how to adhere to the" poverty alleviation + poverty + Fu Zhi "in the process of leaving the campaign.

  Shi Dongying Lu Liang City, Wangshi Township, Lijiawan Village, Wang Shiyu, is called Shi Hongying. At the age of 47 this year, the villagers of Lijiawan Village, Wangshi Township, Lu Liang County, Shanxi Province, who have been a poverty of the establishment of the establishment. Before 2015, my husband has been working outside. Three children are going to school. There is also an old man in 80 years old, and the family spend is very difficult. It is very difficult. In 2015, I took a good policy of poverty alleviation in the country. I decided to return to the hometown to create a pig farm. Governments give preferential policies, supporting companies with construction drawings and farming equipment, and managing technicians often guide us.

I started to raise pig pigs and died, and the pig son has a total of more than a thousand. Later, after training, the pig farm is selling, the better.

  Now the pig farm has a year’s pure income of about 100,000 yuan. Today, I still want to go to the big, because I think this way is good. Now as long as the public is supported, the rent of ten acres is 10 acres, and it will build a pig farm in 10 mu.

The support of this will make me feel very confident, I still want to raise better than this, so that the days are more and more happiness.

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