"Much water town" Guyana waterfalls

  Guyana is located in the northeast corner of South America, northeast Atlantic Ocean, east of Suriname, west Venezuela, Brazil, South cross, land area of ??square kilometers, a population of about 790,000. There are countless natural treasures Guyana, Guyana National Anthem as sung: "Dear Land of Guyana, mighty rivers, vast grasslands, sun and rain to nourish you.

You are inlaid in the mountains and the sea gems. "Guyana is rich in natural resources" cornucopia. "

Guyana is rich in oil, gold and bauxite.

Guyana forest area of ??about million square kilometers, about 7.4 billion cubic meters of timber reserves, and more than a thousand varieties of species, especially the purple core wood and green wood core tough corrosion-resistant, it is the finest building materials.

  Abundant water resources to make Guyanese proud. Country name "Guyana" is the Indian word in the "land of many waters." Territory of Guyana rivers, Essequibo River, Dermot Lara River, Berbice River known.

On the Essequibo River tributary Boda Luo River, the world’s highest waterfall single stage – Kaiqiu waterfall.

Kaiqiu a waterfall drop of 250 meters, five times the Canadian border in Niagara Falls. Rainy season, but also the width of the waterfall is expandable from 80 m to 120 m. Viewed from afar, saw water tumble, roar roar, hit the rocks. "Kaiqiu" the name of the waterfall, but also from a legendary hero. In the past, American Indians have named "Kay," the tribal leader, he was canoeing through the rapids waterfalls, steep canyons, another tribe from destruction only to protect the tribe.

Intertwined with the natural beauty of the magnificent heroic legends of heroes, let Kaiqiu famous waterfall. Guyana punch, mountains, forests, rivers and waterfalls is not only a great adventure destination, but also encounter many wild animals, the original ecological paradise. South American continent mighty mammal jaguar, one of the world’s largest freshwater fish Arapaima, predator rainforest powerful air horn carving …… many giant animals thrive in Guyana Stretching between the mountains and the lush jungle. There are also more than 900 species of birds, with the development of tourism, Guyana is developing into a world-renowned bird watching. Eager to embrace nature, love wildlife tourists, must go to Guyana walk.

This beautiful "land of many waters" forward world opened the door to the magic of natural gifts greet visitors. (Editor: Yang Xi, Zi Rui early) share to allow more people to see.